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OP-ED, Special Features

WBW: 20 Signs You're An Old School K-pop Fan

By miketastic   Wednesday, June 12, 2013   45,348   401   154



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Are you an old school K-pop fan like me, the Uncle Fan? If so, here's 20 things that you can most likely relate to!

1. Group names like H.O.T, Roo'ra, S.E.S, UP, Fin.K.L, g.o.d, T.T.Ma, Baby V.O.X, R.ef, 1TYM, UN, NRG, M.I.L.K, Swi-T, Cleo, Kola, and Click-B actually makes sense to you.



2. There was that one friend who said BoA was going to be really hot in 10 years when she first debuted in 2000 and everyone called him a pervert (byuntae)... that is until BoA became really hot 10 years later.







3. You remember thinking, "A 13-member group called 'Super Junior'?! That'll NEVER work!" *Shaking head*





4. Nothing any boy band wears will ever surprise you because you grew up in the J.Y. Park era.





5. VHS tapes of 'Gayo Top 10' that should have been returned 15 years ago can still be found somewhere in your parent's basement...





6.  ...because you forgot to return them while making copies for friends connecting together two VHS players, recording in the best quality SP mode so that everyone could memorize the dances and perform them at your high school's Culture Night performance.




7. 'Propose', 'Tomato', 'Wedding Dress', and 'Mr. Q'; or as you call them, the Kim Hee Sun home run.










8. You wish all of your iPhone videos could look like those old Korean music shows with the spinning cameras, random angles, and crazy filters.




9. The secret to making mix tapes was leaving just enough time between songs so that the cassette tape wouldn't switch over mid-song.





10. You knew a guy who looked exactly like this:




... With a hairstyle featuring the one long bang to the side.




11. You knew a girl who looked exactly like this:




... Featuring the "antenna style".





12. The local Korean pharmacy was an amazing wonderland where you went to pick up prescription medicines, Bacchus, a wooden back scratcher, and postcards of Hyori to tape to the inside of your locker.





13. You remember when noraebangs (karaoke) were nothing more than glorified closets with an old CRT TV and a disco ball with terrible wallpaper...




14. ... And the controller didn't look like some kind of mobile scanning device from the Starship Enterprise.




15. You have a library of old K-pop CD's all neatly arranged in one of those organizer binder things but you refuse to get rid of them even though you have all of them as MP3 files.




16. "Forever" by Ahn Jae Wook is still the coolest song from a Korean drama... ever.



17. "Too Heaven" by Jo Sung Mo is still the coolest music video... ever.




18.  "We are the Future" by H.O.T is still the coolest dance... ever.


19. You still haven't fully forgiven Lee Soo Man for the break-up of H.O.T.



20. You still refer to K-pop as "gayo".



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    1. H.O.T
    2. g.o.d
    3. Fin.K.L
    4. Lee Hyori
    5. S.E.S
    6. Bada
    7. 1TYM
    8. BoA
    9. Super Junior
    10. BoA
    11. Click B
    12. Lee Soo Man
    13. roora
    14. up
    16. baby vox
    17. r.ef
    18. un
    19. nrg
    20. m.i.l.k
    21. Swi-T
    22. cleo
    23. Kola
    24. jyp
    25. jy park
    26. Gayo Top 10
    27. kim hee sun
    28. yoo seung joon
    29. ahn jae wook
    30. jo sung mo
    31. Way back wednesdays
    32. way back wednesday

    toby7ten Wednesday, January 1, 2014

    I had the YSJ long bang. HaHa

     0Reply Report Share

    aishapartygirl Wednesday, July 31, 2013

    Im an avid H.O.T fan and you're right until now I still hate Lee Soo Man and because of that I avoid becoming a die hard fan of any SM Entertainment artist. Sorry but it still hurts (H.O.T disbandment), I felt that it this happened to H.O.T and TVQX, it will might happen to new groups that are under their company.

     0Reply Report Share

    lalalalololo Sunday, June 23, 2013

    I guess im not an old school kpop fan except for that boa fact. XD i rmb listening to her songs when i was 8/9 yrs old and sharing money with my sis to buy her albums. although im not a fan now though .. but shes cool ;

     0Reply Report Share

    Dantes Tuesday, June 18, 2013

    JYP pants.... EPIC !!!

     0Reply Report Share

    PikaHyunnie Saturday, June 15, 2013

    OMG THE JYP PANTS TOTALLY CRACKED ME UP XD Heh I have none of these signs except 11 because of Reply 1997! :D

     0Reply Report Share

    jessstanleytho Saturday, June 15, 2013

    jyp pants... omg

     0Reply Report Share

    takaokim Friday, June 14, 2013

    BoA is amazing, sh'e talented and gorgeous~!

     0Reply Report Share

    takaokim Friday, June 14, 2013

    Ahah those pants XD

     0Reply Report Share

    everlastingme Friday, June 14, 2013

    im not an old school~ llmaoo jyp's pants

     0Reply Report Share

    supernerd Thursday, June 13, 2013

    I don't think I am old school but I was raised with most of everything on this list. Puahahaha!
    But yes! I have to agree that ;"Forever" by Ahn Jae Wook is still the coolest song from a Korean drama... ever. EVER! Hahahaha. && ;"We are the Future" by H.O.T is still the coolest dance... ever. Hahahaha. The ridiculous lip singing! Hahah awhhh, I lovee it. LMAOO

     0Reply Report Share
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