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Wonder Girls' Lim to host language-learning radio program, 'Wonder K-Pop!'

February 27, 2013 @ 6:22 am
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With Sun starting her newlywed life in Canada, Yenny acting in her musical, and Yubin trying her hand at a drama, Wonder Girls' Lim has now revealed that she will be getting busy herself!

What will be Lim's solo activity for the time being? It turns out she'll be hosting a radio program!

She updated her fans on Twitter with the following message: "Hi everyone! I'm starting a radio show from EBS called,'Wonder K-Pop'! It's held every Wednesdays, at 6pm (Kor time)! Please join me!*^^*"

EBS (Educational Broadcasting System) is a TV/radio network that focuses on airing, as its name suggests, educational material. Its radio station is particularly geared towards language learning. Lim's new segment, 'Wonder K-Pop', will be a part of the program 'English Go! Go!' (or EGG), which focuses on teaching its listeners English.

On the show, Lim will be spicing up the English-learning process by singing Korean songs of different genres in English. According to the EBS website, she will even be singing English versions of K-Pop hits like Wonder Girls' "So Hot" and 2PM's "10 out of 10" to help listeners to get a better feel for the English language.



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