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CL hints at a 2NE1 comeback + solo album in 2013

February 19, 2013 @ 4:41 pm
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Good news for BlackJacks as it appears 2NE1 is coming back soon.

According to a recent interview with Billboard, leader CL revealed that the girls were preparing for a comeback aimed in April. However, she also admitted that they hadn't really decided on the title song or the concept yet. She also revealed that she was preparing for a solo album that would come after 2NE1 was done promoting.

CL also added that for the solo album, she wanted to do a lot of things she couldn't do as the group 2NE1.

As to what 2NE1's title track will be like? She gave a little hint saying as opposed to "I Love You", it would carry on the more traditional 2NE1 sound such as the songs "I Am The Best" and "Can't Nobody". Everyone is looking forward to what they'll bring onto the scene this time around, and 2NE1 has never disappointed fans in terms of fierceness and power.

The ladies have also been out from the music scene for a very long time, so fans are especially looking forward to their comeback. Hopefully, 2NE1 won't be delaying their comeback any longer!

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