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Electroboyz's Chakun and K.Will collaborate for new single "Even If You Play" + release MV teaser

January 21, 2013 @ 3:12 am
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Electroboyz's Chakun and K.Will have collaborated for a new single "Even If You Play".

The new single will be released on January 22nd, and the idea of the collaboration has already received much media and online attention.

Chakun stated on January 19th through the Electroboyz's official homepage, "In our new single "Even If You Play", K.Will sunbaenim's strong vocals are a given!! Chakun is participating as a rapper!!! Aren't you surprised?" along with the image for the single.

Upon seeing the chic image, netizens commented, "K.Will and Chakun?? An unexpected collaboration!!!", "I'm curious about the music this time", "Chadonam (chic city man) concept??", "The title song is 'Even If You Play?' Play with me~ hahaha", "I think their voices will go well together", and "Chakun rapped for Ma Boy 2! I'm so excited ^^".

Brave Entertainment will be revealing the music video on their Youtube channel on January 22nd, as well as releasing the single on various online music sites.

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