Eunhyuk's mother holds first interview since his scandal with IU

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The mother of Super Junior's Eunhyuk, who was recently involved in a scandal with IU, has opened up her feelings for the very first time through an interview with 'Styler Housewife' magazine.

The magazine sat down with Eunhyuk's mother to talk about her thoughts on Eunhyuk and IU's scandal, beginning with Eunhyuk's latest appearance at his parents' new bakery shortly after his scandal came to light. According to the magazine, the bakery is covered in Eunhyuk's pictures as well as post-its left by fans of Super Junior.

Eunhyuk's mother proudly stated, "Whenever the members' parents open stores like this, the fans help out with the interior decorating. Yesung's parents also recently opened a cafe and the fans helped decorate the same way."

There were also congratulatory flowers standing outside the bakery, one of which caught the attention of the interviewer as it was sent by Lee Seung Gi. His mother replied, "I heard that they're actually close. They have gatherings for celebrities born in '86."

Finally, on the topic of Eunhyuk's whereabouts since his scandal, she stated, "We don't talk about those things with Eunhyuk. Eunhyuk has always done well on his own, so..."

Another staff member helping out at the bakery added, "Eunhyuk's always been filial to his parents since he was younger. Not only Eunhyuk, but his entire household is filled with people nice to the bone."

The rest of the interview can be found in the December issue of the magazine.


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