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Son Dam Bi, After School, NU'EST, and Hello Venus send a shout out for the upcoming U.S. auditions!

September 14, 2012 @ 12:38 am
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Pledis, the home to popular artists like Son Dam Bi, After School, Orange Caramel, NU'EST, and Hello Venus, is gearing up for the upcoming auditions in the United States.

Dubbed the "2012 Pledis Asian-American Audition in U.S.A", they hope to meet highly inspired and talented people through these auditions.

To commemorate the upcoming event, the Pledis artists have released a video with a shout out encouraging all those interested in participating, as well as explaining some of the details about the auditions. Check out the updated details and the video below!


Los Angeles: October 14th, 2012 (changed from previous date of October 13th)
San Francisco: October 14th, 2012

How to apply: Deadline is [October 9th, 2012]

[Send in your Profile (Name, Date of Birth, Gender, Nationality, School, Phone Number, Place of Audition)]

Applicants must be born in the years 1991 – 2003 and be Asian American.

A more detailed audition schedule and exact locations will be revealed through their Facebook.

Field of application:
Song, Dance, Actor, Model

Since this is a "Asian- American Audition" Pledis Entertainment promises a global audition soon to come!

In related news check out how you can win an autographed NU'EST album here.

Good luck to everyone.


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