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Tony An reveals he is thinking about retirement; H.O.T.'s comeback looking more unlikely

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Singer Tony An recently mentioned retirement, which took the steam out of rumors of H.O.T.'s comeback.

Tony An, who has been busy recently promoting with Tony An & SMASH, revealed during the filming of KBS 2TV's 'Do Dream' his feelings about retirement, saying, "I have been thinking about retirement from the entertainment industry. Before the release of the single album, people were interested that I was going to be in a project group, so there were a lot of articles written about it and my name was one of the most commonly searched terms. But after the album was released, there doesn't seem to be much of a reaction." He continued, "I seriously started to think that maybe the public doesn't want me anymore, and that maybe it's time for me to retire as a singer."

His revelation is gaining the attention of fans, as it makes the rumors of H.O.T.'s comeback lose credibility. If Tony An were to retire as a singer, the possibility of H.O.T. reuniting for a comeback will likely not happen.

The rumors gained ground when Tony An and Moon Hee Jun appeared as guests on the March 13th broadcast of KBS 2TV's 'Win Win,' where they revealed, "We get together about once ever 3~4 years. This time around, the five of us met up and seriously talked about it. We're all on the same page. We all want to be together. There are some conditions that haven't been met, but once they are taken care of, we can always make a comeback."

Rumors of H.O.T.'s comeback were also aided by the fact that fellow original idol group Shinhwa recently reunited its six members for a comeback.


Source + Image: Star Today via Naver


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