MBC's 'Infinite Challenge Special' scores low ratings due to labor strike

April 15, 2012 @ 12:21 pm
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MBC's 'Infinite Challenge' which has yet to broadcast a new episode in 11 weeks, due to the ongoing MBC labor union strike, experienced low ratings this week.

On April 15th, AGB Nielsen reported that the 'Infinite Challenge Special' which was broadcast on the 14th, only recorded 6.7% in viewership ratings, a 0.2% fall from the previous week.

The very last episode that aired before the MBC labor union strike was an episode revolving around 'Haha vs Hongchul'.

On April 5th, the show's producer, Kim Tae Ho cleverly marketed an 'Infinite Challenge News Special' on Youtube, which accumulated a massive number of views and ultimately drew in a 6.9% rating on the 7th, when the show aired.  Unfortunately, this week's special did not fair as well and dropped 0.2%.

Other competitors in the same time slot faired better.  SBS's 'Star King' scored 9.7%, while KBS's 'Immortal Song 2' recorded 8.4%.



Source + Photos: TV Report via Naver

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