'2PM Show' to come to an end

September 23, 2011 @ 1:53 pm
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The upcoming 12th episode of SBS's '2PM Show' will be the last of its series. The '2PM Show' was a idol variety program with a unique twist, as it encouraged viewers to send in topics like 'Who is the Cooking King', 'Relive Your Childhood School Days', 'Show Us Your Teamwork', and much more. During the series, the 2PM members weren't afraid to let loose and show various sides to themselves. The 12th episode will include a test that will show their growth in their variety show skills. The boys will take part in a segment called 'Shadow Quiz', where two members will have to work together to express an answer to a question with their shadows. In another segment, the members will bring back an old variety program called 'Tray Karaoke', where if one member gets the lyrics to a song wrong, all the members will have to get hit with metal trays. The final episode will air through SBS on September 24th. Stay tuned for updates on this last episode! Source + Image: Naver and Newsen

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