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KBS halts replay of lesbian special drama, 'Daughters of Club Bilitis', out of "concern for teens"

August 10, 2011 @ 6:27 am
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KBS has announced that they will be halting their replay services for their lesbian-themed special drama, 'Daughters of Club Bilitis'. CP Choi Ji Young announced, "The special drama episode is rated for 19 years and up. As it's centered around a controversial issue in society, we're concerned that it will harm teens who either don't have the critical ability to make judgments, or are lacking in it. Starting from this morning, we have decided to halt the service altogether." The CP continued, "Since the drama special has become a controversy, we feel that teens are looking at it more curiously. We will be coming up with further restrictions for internet replays of the special episode rated as 19+." As previously reported, the drama has become a highly controversial topic online. As of today, the drama's homepage board currently holds 3,500 posts, the majority of them being criticisms. On August 7th and 8th, parent groups even made visits to the KBS office to voice their opposition of the 1 episode special drama. The CP explained, "There were clashes of opinion with the parent group, but we are all hoping for Korean society to advance in a positive direction. We'll be using time to resolve the differences in our opinions, but for the time being, we have decided to halt our replay services out of concern for the teens." Source + Photos: Donga Ilbo via Naver



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