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New boy band FIX releases introductory MV, "Please Let's Live A Little"

June 14, 2011 @ 8:00 pm
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The new, and extremely talented boy band group, FIX (Four Immaculate eXtraordinaries), is comprised of 4 male members: Nuri, Sungwoo, Oh Song, and Jung Wook. The group has introduced themselves to the public with an OST (soundtrack) for Cable E Channel's drama "Big Hit," called "Please Let's Live a Little." The song illustrates a guy living in agony after a painful break-up with his girlfriend. He admits that he is unable to forget her and begs her to come back so he can "live a little."  A cup of medium tempo melody churned in with a few sprinkles of hip-hop beat makes a great recipe for a painfully sorrow song. FIX will officially debut with their own single in July. Meanwhile, check out their MV for the OST track below: Tip: Jae

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