Choi Ji Woo & Lee Jin Wook end their 3 year relationship

April 28, 2011 @ 5:25 am
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On April 28th, associates of Choi Ji Woo (36) and Lee Jin Wook (30) confirmed that the two had indeed ended their 3 year relationship. Through Star News, the associate stated, "Due to the excessive interest and spotlight put on their relationship, the two eventually decided to part ways and remain as friends earlier this year. Although they'll be focusing on their separate activities, they still gave each other blessings for the future." Fans might have noticed clues of their relationship unraveling when Lee Jin Wook failed to mention her during his discharge in March. When asked who he had missed the most, he chose, "My parents, my fans, and the citizens of Seoul." Choi Ji Woo's agency, C JW Company, commented, "After reading reports of their break up, we confirmed with Choi Ji Woo and found that they have indeed decided to remain as just nuna and dongseng. They broke up earlier this year, and because we do not take part in the private lives of the celebrities under our agency, we did not know until reports surfaced today." The couple originally met back in 2007 through MBC's "Air City" and only became a couple in 2009. Source: Star News via Nate, Sports Chosun via Nate

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