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Girl's Day restarts activities with Yura and Hyeri

October 11, 2010 @ 3:07 am
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Yura and Hyeri made an appearance on MBC's "Bouquet" on October 10th for the first time and were introduced as Girl's Day members, officially kicking off the group's comeback activities. Girl's Day debuted in July with "Tilt" and had two members, Jiseon and Ji In, who withdraw after two months.  Yura and Hyeri joined the group as the newest members. Their agency stated, "The two are adjusting well. The rest of the members help them a lot so the overall atmosphere of the team is very bright and family-like. Yura and Hyeri made a public appearance faster than we originally planned." Girl's Day will be making a comeback by the end of October with a new song. Source + Photos: Newsen



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