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LEDApple to debut with remake of Baek Ji Young's "Dash"

September 28, 2010 @ 2:47 am
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A new "idol rock band" LEDApple consisting of five members will be debuting with a remake of Baek Ji Young's hit track, "DASH." The group belongs to the agency Story, which also manages singers Kim Jong Seo and Jack Kim. The members consist of leader and drummer Sunghyun, vocal I-OH, vocal Minyong (a former participant of "Super Star K"),  bassist and maknae ZEU, and guitarist Youngjun. Story Entertainment stated, "LEDApple is unlike any other idol group that reveals their members before their actual debut. The group has been kept highly secretive in order to make sure their success is entirely dependent on their skills. They'll become an idol group that can dance, sing ballad, rock, ballad, and play instruments all at once." LEDApple is set to debut in the beginning of October. Their teaser will be released on the 29th, and their digital song and music video will be released on October 7th. Source + Photos: Osen

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