Seulong meets his ideal type, Shin Min Ah

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2AM's Seulong couldn't hide his joy when he met actress Shin Min Ah on Strong Heart.

In the episode that aired on the third, Shin Min Ah guest starred to promote her upcoming drama with Lee Seung Gi called My Girlfriend is a Nine-Tailed Fox. If you're a big Seulong fan, you must know that he is obsessed with Shin Min Ah. Not only does he talk about her constantly, but I remember watching the HahaMong Show where it was revealed that he has a photo album of her on his computer. He sat right behind her on the show and couldn't act more like a fanboy. He wasn't able to look at her in the eyes or say many things. Kang Ho Dong, being the matchmaker he is, couldn't help but tease him. He made Shin Min Ah turn around to look at Seulong, and of course, shy Seulong couldn't handle it. Seulong said to her, "I beg of you to not turn around. I get goosebumps throughout my whole body." He also added later, "I don't watch the coffee CF with her and Won Bin. She looks beautiful but there is a kiss scene and I can't handle it." Shin Min Ah replied, "I heard (about him liking her) about it and I was thankful. I remember those kinds of things." Seulong also made sure to watch the episode on TV when it aired. Fellow 2AM member Jo Kwon tweeted a picture of Seulong watching the show. Jo Kwon wrote, "Ah lol Seulong hyung succeeds!!!!!!! lol He is monitoring and his back is happy." He must really like her. What a cute fanboy he is.


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