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Rookie girl group H1-KEY talks about feelings, emotions and thoughts during 'Rose Blossom' comeback preparations


Rookie girl group H1-KEY made their comeback on 5th January. Not long ago rookie girl group revealed a making of video recorded during preparations of 'Rose Blossom' comeback.

H1-KEY is a girl group consisting of four members: Seoi, Riina, Hwiseo, and Yel. It's worth noticing that all of members were trained in big agencies, respectively YG, WM, Black Label, and JYP Entertainment.

Girl group members shared their feelings and thoughts about the difference between current and previous releases.

Riina said: "At first I thought this is a replica of last year because we made our debut on 5th January, and now the comeback was set to 5th january as well, but the feeling is really different in comparison to last year."

Leader Seoi continued: "Honestly until last week 'I just wanna be out there already! What are we waiting for? I wanna show them now' was more dominant feeling. I'm getting more nervous, I've started asking myself about it. I guess it's all starting to hit me somewhere deep inside."

Hwiseo, which joined group before 'Run' promotions compared the differences of seasons:

"When we released 'Run' it was during summer, But a winter release is something new to me so I wonder how it will be to perform during winter. I started to really feel that 'We are really coming back', and when we are taking a break during practice I start to imagine our performance for this time."

Maknae Yel added: "Now that it's really just around the corner I think I'm excited and nervous. 'It's gonna be fun' 

Members also said that there are a group which pursues health and try to show it through their concepts, being healthy, and athletic is their true concept but with 'Rose Blossom' they've tried something different and focused on the depth of lyrics and meaning of the song.

You can watch the whole video above, it's worth it! Don't forget to click CC to turn English captions on.

Also if you missed the premiere, check the 'Rose Blossom' music video:

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