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(G)I-DLE's Soyeon is full of charisma as she disses the MCs on 'Radio Star'


(G)I-DLE's Soyeon exuded charisma as she dissed the MCs of MBC's 'Radio Star'.

On the May 4 KST broadcast of MBC's 'Radio Star', (G)I-DLE's Soyeon made a guest appearance and talked about competing on 'Unpretty Rapstar 3', composing the title track "Tomboy" for (G)I-DLE's album 'I Never Die', and more. In particular, Soyeon drew laughter when she revealed a time when her agency CEO suddenly told her to rap freestyle, dissing the director whom many of the trainees feared. Soyeon, who was a trainee at that time and aware that her freestyle performance would impact her chance to compete on 'Unpretty Rapstar 3', did not back down and rapped to the director, "We always smile in front of you, but you are always at the center of our gossip". Upon hearing this, many of the guests and MCs burst into laughter, impressed with Soyeon's confidence.

Soyeon then revealed that she had had written lyrics dissing the MCs of 'Radio Star', and showed her performance. Upon hearing Soyeon's witty and powerful rap lyrics, all the guests and MCs gave her a round of applause.

Watch Soyeon's diss rap performance above!

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Our Leader Soyeon is such an all-rounder!

There is soooo much to love about her! 💛

I don't think Neverland could have a better Captain! 🥰

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Unfortunately there are no English translations, so here's a bit of it:

🎙️: Did you expect Tomboy to be such a hit?

🦁: I let Psy sbn listen to it during the very early stages of production when it was only a demo track. And his reaction was, "oh...this is good. I think this is going to work." And I was heartened by his words.

Psy sbn on Soyeon:

PSY asked for soyeon to appear on the radio star! In terms of Soyeon, she really surprised me so much recently. She does all the composing herself and writes the lyrics herself. She reminds me of when I first saw Zico.

Soyeon having sushi with Psy SBN:

🎙️: I heard he's also been scouting you (TL Note: I have no context, so it could mean something else)

🦁: he even bought me sushi

Soyeon on Psy-oppa:

🎙️: I heard he forced you to do something?

🦁: No, it's not something that he forced. I referred to him as sunbaenim (sbn), but he said it's ok to call him oppa. So I was grateful.

Psy: I hate being called sbn.

🎙️: Maybe she is more comfortable with calling you sbn.

Everyone: 🤣

🦁: I'm a lot more comfortable now.

🎙️: So do you refer to him as "Psy-oppa?"

🦁: No...sbn...

Credits: Twitter @loveyoujelly @2YEONZIP @moonnie180502

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