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SHINee's Key & MAMAMOO's Hwa Sa grow closer on 'I Live Alone' + Kian84 shows jealousy


On the November 19 broadcast of MBC's 'I Live Alone', the 'Rainbow Club' members resumed their photoshoot for the annual 'I Live Alone' calendar, a calendar designed for fans of the variety series with its proceeds going to help the needy. 

On this day, the cast members took a break and had lunch, where they discussed their blood types and MBTI types. It was revealed that Jun Hyun Moo, Kian84, Park Na Rae, and SHINee's Key all had B type blood, while Sung Hoon and MAMAMOO's Hwa Sa had A type blood. When asked about her MBTI type, Hwa Sa revealed, "I'm INFP." Hearing this, Key pointed out, "I'm ENTJ. I think ENTJs and INFPs are considered really compatible."

The cast members then continued taking photos in various costumes ranging from classic hanbok looks to recreating traditional paintings, and more. After the shoot, Key commented in an interview with the staff, "The best discovery of today was actually Hwa Sa. I think we are compatible. She has qualities that I don't have, and I have qualities that she doesn't have."

However, Key's comments immediately drew jealousy from his fellow 'I Live Alone' cast member, Kian84. He said, "Key, remember when you said that you and I were really compatible... don't go on saying that you're easily compatible with other people. What happened to, 'We fit well together like pieces in a 'Tetris game'?"

Kian84 even told Key and Hwa Sa, "Just keep your distance."

Hwa Sa also seemed to agree that she had grown closer with her 'Rainbow Club' member Key. She shared, "I tend to be shy around people I don't know well. I wasn't able to ask [Key sunbaenim] things like, 'How are you?'. But I think today was a day where I really got to know Key oppa more, and we were able to build a little bridge to become closer friends."

Check out some clips from this week's broadcast of 'I Live Alone', above and below!

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If 'a little knowledge is a dangerous thing', the recent obsession with MBTI type is worrying.

From Wikipedia:

"Though the MBTI resembles some psychological theories, it has been criticized as pseudoscience[5] and is not widely endorsed by academic researchers in the field.[6] The indicator exhibits significant scientific (psychometric) deficiencies...."

People originally think MBTI as fun but ultimately use it to stereotype, or doubt their own abilities. The test outcome can be influenced by your mood, environment, current difficulties, age, etc. This means your personality type can change drastically and multiple times in different circumstances.

Furthermore, it doesn't measure your absolute abilities. For example, someone classed as an 'Architect' may actually be better at being a 'Campaigner', than another classed as a 'Campaigner'!

This test tells us people are different but we should already know this through social interaction! What it shouldn't allow us to do is to pigeonhole others...


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