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Song Joong Ki says he no longer sees a significance in feeling jealous or comparing himself to others


Actor Song Joong Ki opened up about his life philosophies.

On July 9th, Song Joong Ki's agency History D&C uploaded a video titled 'Words I'm Saying to You | Song Joong-Ki' on their official YouTube channel. In the video, Song Joong Ki is asked what he wants to say to his past self. Song Joong Ki states, "I would tell myself 'you're doing well, stop pushing yourself'. I think I was too hard on myself. It was true that I wanted to do well so I restricted myself a lot. I tied myself up to make sure I didn't make any mistakes."

Song Joong Ki continued, "I am trying to compliment myself a lot these days. During my recent project, I frequently told myself 'Your choice is right, so trust yourself and go forward with it'. There's a lot of pressure in life, whether it's with family, friends, or relationships, but I don't know why I compared myself so much when I first started my job. I compared myself to others a lot and I often felt jealous. Now, if I rate my comparing behavior on a scale of 1 to 100, then I think I used to be a 90 in the past. Now, I think I'm under 10."

He continued, "I truly feel that comparing yourself to others is the most useless thing to do. If there are people who are still comparing themselves to others and are struggling, I wish they would stop comparing."

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Jenniferchanch3 pts 16 days ago 0
16 days ago

It's never easy to start a career in the entertainment world. Comparing yourself to others and being competitive is ok so long no harm done to others and by doing so, motivated yourself to strive for betterment. That's how you become who are you now. You have always been a kind hearted soul, and is always considerate towards others because you know very well how it feels as you have been in their shoes before. Kindness begets kindness, continue to stay pure in heart as it will go a long way.



kpooper98-44 pts 17 days ago 0
17 days ago

A multi-millionaire who constantly gets cast in high-budget Movies/shows and is loved by half the country sees no significance in comparing himself to others. What an enlightened person lmao



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