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DONGKIZ set off in search of a 'Crazy Night' in 2nd comeback MV teaser


DONGKIZ have set off in search of a "Crazy Night" in their wild, 2nd MV teaser!

For this 5th single album comeback, DONGKIZ have returned to their fun-loving, energetic vibe in bright, neon colors and an upbeat, dance title track. According to the 2nd MV teaser for DONGKIZ's "Crazy Night", the boy group's new track deals with a group of kids who go from "nice" and innocent calves to "mean" ones. The track's Korean title borrows from a classic Korean proverb, "The mean calf grows horns on its butt." The proverb is used to describe a person who acts ill-mannered in their youth, predicting that their actions will be ill-mannered even when they are grown up.

Look forward to the full release of DONGKIZ's "Crazy Night" MV as well as their 5th single album 'Chase Episode 1. GGUM', coming up on July 1 at 12 PM KST!

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