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Brave Girls say they want to see Brave Brothers start dating in 2021


On April 27, Brave Girls appeared as guests on MBC every1's 'Video Star'!

During this episode, the girls chatted with the 'Video Star' MCs about what they've been up to lately, expressed their gratitude toward their longtime fans, and more. 

The members also had a lot to say about the group's "Father" figure, Brave Brothers! When asked to comment on something they would like to say to Brave Brothers, member Minyoung began, "After we started going viral... producer-nim keeps calling us. In the beginning, he would call us like 10 times a day. To me, I think it's because he doesn't have a girlfriend. He is a very affectionate person, so I believe that if he is able to find a good partner, he would be very good to them. So from now on, I hope that producer-nim can comfortably start dating, and also considering getting married." 

However, hearing this, the MCs interpreted, "This is just a nice way of saying stop bothering us so much." 

Yujeong also added on, "I also hope that in the future, if we end up dating and seeing people, we won't necessarily have to tell him about it. I hope that he won't feel disappointed that I did not tell him. It's time that he stop worrying so much about us, and he start looking for his own partner." 

Meanwhile, Eunji said, "Producer-nim is very interested in deciding our concepts and our styling, from head to toe. He is even concerned about what color our nails are. But we also have certain styles that we prefer. Please let us also have a say in what we wear and how we style ourselves." Finally, Yuna had a personal request, which went, "For me, I am a member in charge of low vocals. So it is difficult for me when he gives me parts that are too high. Please consider giving me low parts, so there won't be any issues on stage when I sing live." 

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Filiporean4170 pts Tuesday, April 27, 2021 0
Tuesday, April 27, 2021

Allkpop did not translate the bottom youtube video embedded but it's a video worth translating. Brave Girls talks about one of their activities at a music show seeing all the fandoms come out to support their group and there was one 19-year-old fan of the girls who came out and held up a placard representing the Brave Girls fandom. The fan wanted to show that the girls had someone that thought the world of them. Dara brought her out and they shared a moment reflecting on how far the group has come.

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Poppiex86,983 pts Tuesday, April 27, 2021 1
Tuesday, April 27, 2021

lol basically mind you own business and let us do our thing
we stan queens who know what they want

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