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Netizens are LOL-ing hard watching GFriend members in a heated debate about whether or not the 'butt' is one body part or two body parts


In a recent collaboration video with 'Dingo Music', GFriend members took on the mission of engaging in a logical debate, giving netizens some legendary laughs!

The topic of debate was: "Is the butt one body part, or two body parts?"

Eunha, Umji, and Sowon argued that the butt was one body part, while Yuju, Yerin, and SinB argued that the butt was in fact, two body parts. Soon, the two teams became wrapped up in a very fierce debate!

Umji: "When we buy a pair of gloves, there is a 'pair', right? When we buy a pair of socks, there is a 'pair'. But, have you never purchased any underwear? Do you wear two separate underwear parts for your butt? No. For the butt, you wear one..."

Yuju: "Regarding Umji's argument about underwear, actually the purpose of underwear is not to cover the butt, it's to cover the middle. That's why there are t-...." (The Idol Dark Chapter Prevention Committee decided to step in here.)

Yerin: "(using the Korean word for 'butt' which is 'ung-dung-yi') The 'ung-dung-yi' is actually made of two 'dung-yi'! (The word 'dung-yi' separately(?) means 'a lump') You combine one lump, and the other lump, and you form the 'lump' in 'ung-dung-yi'!"

/Heading to the other table to "prove"(?) that there are two parts to the butt./

Netizens commented, 

"So funny kekekekeke. The 'two parts' team is convincing me kekekeke."
"This is such a pointless debate kekekeke."
"It's been a while since I actually laughed really hard out loud kekekeke."
"OMG hhahahaha SinB is like 'feel my butt' and Sowon and Eunha actually did kekekeke."
"Wow they're really good at debating kekekeke."
"Now I'm confused kekekeke. Which is it? Is it one part or two parts?"
"I laughed so ugly at this kekekeke, I didn't know they were this funny."
"Now people are debating about this in the comments kekekeke." 

Make sure to watch the heated debate above (starting at ~5:21)!

  1. GFriend (Girlfriend)
  2. Yerin
  3. SinB
  4. Yuju
  5. Sowon
  6. Eunha
  7. Umji
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tqeil1,930 pts Wednesday, December 2, 2020 0
Wednesday, December 2, 2020

a group of intellectuals. i love them so much



FriedChickenLove2,363 pts Wednesday, December 2, 2020 0
Wednesday, December 2, 2020

Eunha, Umji, and Sowon are right though.



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