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Lee Young Ji impresses Kai with a medley of EXO dance covers on 'The Adventures of Young Ji'


On the latest installment of 'The Adventures of Young Ji', rapper Lee Young Ji turned into a new employee at a K-Pop album production factory!

First, Lee Young Ji suited up in protective gear, gloves, and more to try her hand at putting together one of the hottest new K-Pop albums, EXO Kai's solo debut album! Starting with inserting the CD correctly in its sleeve, to distributing photocards to each album pack, and more, Lee Young Ji tackled a crash course on each portion of the assembly line. While she worked, a strange new employee made his entrance and began critiquing Lee Young Ji's work!

The stranger turned out to be none other than Kai himself, actually the main guest of this episode of 'The Adventures of Young Ji'. Sitting down inside an office in the production factory, Lee Young Ji carried out a rather hectic interview with Kai on his solo debut, past album concepts, and more. Here, Lee Young Ji revealed that she was a true EXO-L, as she knew the dances of every EXO song there was. 

Confidently, Lee Young Ji got up to demonstrate her knowledge of EXO dances with a cover medley! She started with "Wolf", impressing Kai with her unique facial expressions, then went on to "History", "Love Shot", "Ko Ko Bop", "Power", "Growl", "The Eve", and "Tempo"!

After the episode went live on YouTube, Lee Young Ji also appeared as a commenter under the video, surprising viewers. She wrote, "The precious Kai-nim, thank you for taking the time to [come on my show].... I'm sorry for bothering such a busy person... Thank you... I love you... I've heard stories about how people who have come face to face with Kai in real life have suffered death by heart attack, but while I also experienced a momentary heart attack and suffered, I managed to survive and talked too much, I'm sorry. The jewelry case album is very nice and pretty and cool. There are some albums which Kai himself touched, so I ask for your interest. Mmmh~ mmmh~ mmmh~ mmmh~ mmmh~"

Check out the full episode of 'The Adventures of Young Ji' featuring guest Kai, above!

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