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Kyuhyun implores fans not to spend money on gifts for him, but on themselves


Back on February 3, Super Junior's Kyuhyun went live via his personal YouTube channel for nearly 3-hours, to spend time with fans on his birthday!

First, Kyuhyun greeted fans brightly for his first live YouTube broadcast in approximately 5 months, then showed fans glimpses of his new apartment. He then pointed out his wine cellar, which he claimed was so overflowing with wines from fans, there's no more room for any more.

This brought up the topic of fan gifts, and Kyuhyun explained that due to his musical schedules, he often greets fans outside after the show and personally accepts letters and gifts.

Each night after wrapping up a show, Kyuhyun said that he spends as long as 5 hours, reading through every single letter. 

The idol revealed that various types of fans have given him letters so far, including foreign fans as well as a notably increased number of fans in their teens. He thanked the foreign fans for their efforts in writing him letters in Korean, and asked that if possible, to use 'square-block' style writing to keep the writing as legible as possible, rather than 'freeform-style'. 

Kyuhyun then continued, "You all do not have to give me presents. Because... I... make a good amount of money. Thanks to you all, coming to my shows and loving me. But reading some of your letters, I can't help but become sad. You say that you worked hard part-time and got your first paycheck, and ask, 'I know it's not much, oppa, but please accept my gift'. How heartbroken do you think I feel reading that? I feel bad... so please just treat yourself to more delicious food, nice cosmetics, or take a taxi around... that's what I want you all to do, but instead you save it up to spend it on gifts for me. But letters are really enough for me."

He went on to share more stories about fan gifts, saying, "You guys give me so much food and snacks. If I ate them all... I've gained weight recently. See, while reading the letters, if a snack or a food gift comes up, I try it while reading. And then eat some more. And eat other ones that come out too. If I keep doing that, I'm going to gain weight. Also the thing is, I'm already stuffing my face these days... I think it would be okay if you all did not give me more snacks." 

"There are also many of you who worry about my vocal cords. But now, I have enough throat-soothing candy to last me at least 5 years (laughter)." 

Check out the "fan gift talk" portion from Kyuhyun's recent birthday live broadcast, above!

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That's very sweet and considerate of him!!



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oppa so sweet and considerate as always!



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