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TWICE makes history as the 1st K-pop girl group to sell 1 million albums in the United States

TWICE has just etched their name in the annals of K-pop history, becoming the first girl group to reach 1 million pure album sales in the United States, a feat that includes both physical and digital sales. The group now shares this impressive milestone with fellow K-pop powerhouses BTS, TXT, and Stray Kids.

Defying language barriers with their latest album "Ready to be," TWICE has ascended new heights, becoming the first female act to hold the number one spot for the longest duration on Billboard's 200 chart. This record-breaking achievement crowns "Ready to be" as their longest-charting album on the Billboard music charts.

TWICE's recent triumph has fans brimming with joy and pride, flooding the group with a surge of supportive messages. Here are some heartfelt words from the 'onces' - Twice's dedicated fan base:

"They're only famous in Korea and Japan they said🤭 Oh TWICE, don’t end them like that!"

"Congratulations!! They deserve this. They worked hard for this."

"I contributed to this 😍😍."

"Talent will do that, TWICE makes good songs and I like them."

"That’s why this is my girl group right here."

Congratulations to TWICE!

  1. TWICE
  2. Nayeon
  3. Jungyeon
  4. Momo
  5. Sana
  6. Jihyo
  7. Mina
  8. Dahyun
  9. Chaeyoung
  10. Tzuyu
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Saturday, June 10, 2023

They are also the first girl group EVER to sell 1 million records in pure sales on both the USA and Japan, the two biggest music markets on Earth.

It fills me with pride and joy to see their evolution, from their debut era in 2015 and the disappointing first week sales back then to the powerhouse that they are today. And they have been making slow and steady organic growth towards world stardom. All that by working hard and staying true to themselves.

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MaeilKpop7,462 pts Saturday, June 10, 2023 3
Saturday, June 10, 2023
This and Fifty Fifty's recent success prove that Kpop groups don't need a girl crush concept to be popular in the west. Companies and producers, take note.
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