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Elderly couple celebrate their 80th-anniversary in a special way

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A fancy banquet was held for an elderly couple living in the city of Daejeon in celebration of their 80 years together.

Jung Heung Mo (96) and Park Man Seo (97) held their 80th wedding anniversary party in Daejeon Seo-gu, Galma-dong on September 16. To commemorate the special occasion, 70 people including friends and family attended the 'Oak Wedding'.

An Oak Wedding is when a couple celebrates their 80th anniversary, equivalent to a couple in Korea celebrating 50 years thus coined a Golden Wedding. Much like so, there have been instances of 60 year anniversaries, but 80 years is a very rare sight.

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Having lived as a farmer boy in Choongnam, Mr. Jung met Ms. Park residing in Nonsan Village at the age of 16 in 1937 and was arranged to get married that same year in November.

Though the term arranged marriage was a bit off-putting at first, after meeting Ms. Park, he fell for her, "I vowed never to make her cry again."

Raising three sons and five daughters under one roof, the two people managed to send their children off to high school and college. It wasn't an easy task. The couple slept only three hours a day, as they were busy meeting ends meet working in the field. They sold various crops like corn, radishes, bellflower roots in the marketplace in order to provide educational funds for their children.

Ms. Park mentioned, "We sold chicken eggs to buy a pig and raised piglets to buy a calf. Then we took care of the calf and eventually established a farm. Thankfully my husband was always by my side so we were able to get through the tough times."

In an autobiography that was published recording the couple's life, Ms. Park also commented, "Many young people nowadays do not even think about getting married or raising a family of their own.  As a parent myself, in order to live a genuine lifestyle, it is only fitting to get married and have children with responsibility, only then can one experience true happiness as a parent, experiencing various emotions and so on."

Their youngest daughter Ms. Jung said proudly, "My parents are my role model." 

Whereas, their eldest son Mr. Jung (77) who hosted the special 80th-anniversary party in addition to his parents' 60th anniversary stated, "My mother was so glad after seeing the footage from her 60th anniversary so we decided to hold an 80th-anniversary event. Their health has been deteriorating lately. We hope they live healthy for a long time and live to witness their 90th anniversary."

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