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Netizens debate LE SSERAFIM's use of AR for their second-week Coachella live performance


Netizens are discussing LE SSERAFIM's second-week performance at Coachella.

LE SSERAFIM's second-week appearance at 'Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival' has set online forums abuzz with heated discussions. With anticipation soaring after a string of controversies and headlines surrounding their live singing, audiences eagerly dissected every aspect of this second-week stage.

In particular, attention focused on the group's incorporation of audible AR (all recorded) backing vocals during their latest performance. Comparisons were drawn between the volume and reliance on AR tracks from the previous week, with many noting "a noticeable increase in volume and dependence on AR" this time around. Some observed a lower vocal output from the members compared to the previous week.

Opinions among netizens were divided. While some felt that last week's live singing showcased the group's true talents and preferred it over the AR-heavy approach of the second week, others defended LE SSERAFIM's use of AR, highlighting that criticisms were also directed at them for not using it during the first week.

Reactions include:

"If it was visible that they were trying their utmost best, despite the fatigue, then I think they would have eventually gotten more support and respect. But from now on I don't think we will ever even get to see them sing truly live anywhere"

"I no longer see their willingness and the confidence they used to exude before"
"I think this incident just proved to everyone how performances turn out different depending on one's use of the AR"

"The volume of the AR is too loud..."

"Even if they would mess up singing live, I really prefer their live during the first week. We can at least feel the atmosphere and their live vocals, and it sounds much more natural. Now all we hear is just more electronic sounds. It feels awkward."

"This second week performance is basically the same as a domestic music program performance..."
"Do they think they will really live on as a group for a long time by trying to fool the majority of listeners beyond their fanbase?"

"Y'all hated them for not even relying on an AR last week but now you're gonna hate them for having used it?"

"It sounds better with the AR though honestly"

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What are your thoughts?

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MrXLeon275 pts 27 days ago 19
27 days ago

There are many talented K-pop groups that are way better performers who could have gone instead and would have delivered a great stage but instead these girls went because of Hybe

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Kopano3,200 pts 27 days ago 14
27 days ago

As I expected, instead of trying to do better after the criticism last week, they decided to do less!

thanks for giving us nothing x

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