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HyunA faces backlash for talking candidly about her boyfriend Junhyung on 'Jo Hyun Ah's Thursday Night'


Recently, HyunA appeared as a guest on the YouTube show 'Jo Hyun Ah's Thursday Night' and opened up about her first date with her boyfriend Junhyung.

On this day, HyunA candidly shared the details of her first date with Junhyung and openly expressed her affection toward her boyfriend. During the show, HyunA gave an update on her life, sharing that she is preparing for a comeback, diligently receiving choreography lessons, and recording new songs in between. HyunA added, "I spend time on those, or I go on dates."

When Jo Hyun Ah asked, "When and where do you go on dates? There are not many places you can go, no? Don't people look at you so much?" In response, HyunA shared, "I don't care," and revealed that she would openly go on dates with Junhyung.

She also expressed her affection, revealing that her phone background photo was of her boyfriend, and shared, "I gain energy when I look at this."

However, many Korean netizens expressed discomfort toward HyunA's candid expression of affection toward Junhyung. Moreso because of the past controversy he was embroiled in involving the sex videos sent by Jung Joon Young, admitting to watching an illegal video.

Korean netizens commented, "But dating Yong Jun Hyung is not right," "I don't think people avoided you guys as a couple because they were considerate of you... We supported you from 4minute to your solo. You were once a role model and I defended you from malicious comments, but YJH is really crossing the line. Are you pretending to be confident or do you have no thoughts and don't know what shame is," "It's really bad talking about Yong Jun Hyung...I regret watching this," "Sure... Just don't regret it later," "I wish Lyn and HyunA would stop mentioning their husband and boyfriend. Do they not know what effect that has on society?" and more.

Other netizens criticized 'Jo Hyun Ah's Thursday Night' for not editing parts out of the video and commented, "I don't mind HyunA being on the show but they should've edited the parts she talked about Junhyung," "I can't believe they invited Junhyung' girlfriend. I'm unsubscribing," "Why did they invite her?" "They should've edited those parts out before releasing the video," "This girl has no limit," "So legendary how they didn't edit the video and just released it," and, "I think it's hilarious how they invited her in the first place."

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bae-bae4,623 pts 29 days ago 0
29 days ago

The part where she was talking about how their relationship getting "exposed" or something along those lines, like girl you posted it...nobody asked for that shit, and nobody would've given a fuck if your man wasn't a weirdo

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taurustar51,316 pts 28 days ago 0
28 days ago

Do whatever you want, but leave your Ex out of it. He so better off without you!

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