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Lee Do Hyun's unstoppable rise: From military hiatus to screen dominance


There's an actor whose 'military hiatus' seems unbelievable. Lee Do Hyun is that actor, gracing various works across different media with his presence. His acting passion, transcending genres with ease, leaves us grateful for his hard work.

After wrapping up JTBC's 'Bad Mother' in August last year, Lee Do Hyun enlisted in the Air Force military band. Through 'Bad Mother,' where he intricately portrayed the gap between a prosecutor and an adult with the intelligence of a 7-year-old, Lee Do Hyun once again proved his worth. Concerns that we wouldn't be able to see Lee Do Hyun's acting for a while due to his enlistment were unfounded.

Lee Do Hyun worked hard up until his enlistment, filling his hiatus with results. He made a surprise appearance in Netflix's original series 'Sweet Home' Season 2, released last December, and is set to play a significant role in 'Sweet Home' Season 3, expected to release in the first half of this year. 

Director Eung-bok Lee hinted, "Eunhyuk (played by Lee Do Hyun) appeared at the ending, but that's not all he filmed. He will play a major role in Season 3. Would we just leave Eun-yoo (played by Go Min Si) alone?"

Additionally, in the Tving original series 'Death's game,' he made a remarkable presence in just one episode. Lee Do-hyun, who played Jang Gun-woo, the character into whom Choi I-jae's (Seo In-guk) soul enters, induced deep immersion with a heart-wrenching romance. 

Known for choosing 'Death's game' as his last project before enlistment out of loyalty to PD Ha Byung-hoon, with whom he worked on the drama '18 Again,' Lee Do Hyun delivered a stunning impact despite his brief appearance.

Even more astonishing is that Lee Do-hyun managed a grueling filming schedule before his enlistment, including 'Bad Mother,' 'Sweet Home,' the movie 'Exorcist,' and a special appearance in Tving's 'Death's game.' His confidence that he wasn't afraid of enlistment wasn't bluffing. The time he meticulously managed bore significant fruits.

Lee Do Hyun is also challenging new territories. Through the upcoming movie 'Exorcist' (director Jang Jae-hyun), set to release on the 22nd. 'Exorcist' is an occult mystery film about the bizarre incidents that unfold among a geomancer, mortician, and shamans who relocate a suspicious grave for a large sum of money. 

Lee Do Hyun will play 'Bong-gil,' a character who had to quit baseball due to illness. With a visual covered in tattoos and reciting incantations, Lee Do-hyun is expected to show an unprecedented transformation, and director Jang Jae-hyun has raised expectations by saying, "Lee Do-hyun's modern appearance and charisma fit 'Bong-gil' perfectly, allowing for great synergy. Additionally, Lee Do-hyun has an incredible ability to purely complete very difficult scenes with his acting skills."

Whether Lee Do-hyun will hit a 'home run' on the screen and further expand his domain is also a matter of interest. An industry insider mentioned, "There's talk that there's no actor to replace Lee Do Hyun in his age range," and "With his activity range expanded from OTT to the screen during his military hiatus, he is an actor who can walk the path of success even after his discharge."

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I can't get it! Why is his military hiatus ...unbelievable? Is having common sense surprising?

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glad he's getting the recognition he deserves

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