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Park Seo Joon reveals he lived at V's house for two months


On December 8, Producer Na Yeong Seok planned a special event for BTS's V.

In the latest video uploaded on the YouTube channel 'Channel Fullmoon,' Producer Na pointed out that V would be off to his mandatory service before he gets to celebrate his birthday on December 30.

So he decided to prepare a surprise early birthday party and personally cook a warm meal for him. To cook all the dishes that are traditionally provided on a Korean birthday celebration table, producer Na requested aid from a close friend of V - actor Park Seo Joon. Park Seo Joon is no stranger to showcasing his culinary skills on camera, as evidenced by his role as the lead chef on the show 'Jinny's Kitchen.'

Producer Na and Park Seo Joon met early in the morning and began cooking various dishes. They made the traditional birthday dish - seaweed soup. They also cooked savory braised beef and the classic Japchae. They also made Jeon, a type of Korean pancake, and even baked a homemade cake.

Following their cooking session, Park Seo Joon and Producer Na meticulously packed all the prepared dishes and set off to surprise V with a birthday celebration at his filming location.

Upon arrival, they swiftly arranged the table with the feast they had prepared, brimming with anticipation for V to appear. The atmosphere was charged with a mix of excitement and nerves as they awaited the moment of surprise.

The second V entered the room, Park Seo Joon and Producer Na burst into a cheerful rendition of the 'Happy Birthday Song,' catching V completely off guard. Overwhelmed with surprise and joy, V was ecstatic to find his close hyung, Park Seo Joon, and Producer Na there to celebrate with him, making his birthday truly memorable.

Producer Na took a moment to share with V that, given his impending enlistment, he wanted to arrange a special celebration for V's birthday. He expressed that he felt grateful toward V for numerous reasons and wanted to convey his appreciation meaningfully.

As V started to enjoy the meal prepared by the duo, Park Seo Joon and Producer Na took turns sharing personal anecdotes and moments that highlighted their gratitude and fondness for V.

Park Seo Joon shared that there was a time he had to renovate his home, and it took 4 months to complete. Park Seo Joon shared, "The house I'm living in now, I had to do a renovation for four months. I actually planned the reno so it could be finished while I was overseas filming. But the filming ended early. So when I came back, I had nowhere to go."

He continued, "But Taehyung (V) lives five minutes away from my house. So I reached out to him and asked 'Taehyung, can I stay with you for a bit?' On top of that, Taehyung had an extra room at his house. So I told him 'I think that room is mine. Can I stay there?' And Taehyung said yes right away."

Park Seo Joon revealed that he stayed at V's house for two months, adding, "I wasn't there all the time because I had other things to film. And there would be times when only his parents would be the only ones home. So, they would welcome me, saying 'Oh, you're home,' and I would eat with them. I would ask, 'Where is Taehyung'?"

Producer Na asked, "Your parents know Park Seo Joon?" and V replied, "Yes, they met him a few times. Also, his parents are close with my parents. We introduced them to one another."

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mintchoco0032,336 pts Friday, December 8, 2023 0
Friday, December 8, 2023

It’s always nice having people there for you when something happens. I bet he could have stayed at a hotel but why when you have great friends

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Nonie74,476 pts Friday, December 8, 2023 0
Friday, December 8, 2023

Wonderful of the wooga's family

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