Posted by Susan-Han Wednesday, November 29, 2023

Netizens praise Loossemble's HyunJin for her bold endorsement of feminist books despite the negative connotations of 'feminism' in Korea


In South Korea, the meaning of the word "feminism" has been radically distorted in recent years, partly as a result of fierce clashes among online community members with majority-male-users and those with majority-female-users. 

Several popular, widely-visited majority-male online communities have adopted a meaning of "feminism" that is somewhat synonymous with "misandry", hatred toward men. 

Particularly in the realm of K-Pop, the topic of "feminism" is regarded as a touchy subject, one likely to provoke fan/anti-fan wars. While many K-Pop idols generally choose to adopt a neutral stance on various political and societal debates, there are on occasion those who would rather express their views and opinions freely, endorsing freedom of speech and expression. 

Netizens have recently noted that Loossemble member HyunJin is such an idol. While interacting with her fans on a private messaging service, HyunJin was seen sharing a photo featuring several books by their jackets. Fans noted that HyunJin most likely sent the photo because of the books in the center of the image (with red and white jackets), Highly Sensitive People by Ilse Sand, which probably reminded the idol of Loossemble's 1st mini album title track, "Sensitive". Still, two other titles catch attention - Feminism Is for Everybody by Bell Hooks and Men Explain Things to Me by Rebecca Solnit - two world famous "feminist" books. 

HyunJin's photo has supposedly stirred up some members of majority-male-user online communities, but at the same time, other netizens are praising the K-Pop idol for her expressive attitude. 

Some said,

"Stay mad all you want, LOONA fans are mostly female and they also have a ton of overseas fans, so it won't affect Loossemble's popularity whatsoever haha."
"That's our smart girl!"
"That is obviously a library or a bookstore, so why would anyone get mad at her just for going to a public place to browse books lol."
"HyunJin kekekekeke. She literally doesn't give a s*** what anyone says kekekekeke."
"Pretty sure the majority of LOONA fans are female so they probably love this kekekeke."
"Okay now everyone go listen to 'Sensitive' by Loossemble."
"I respect her cool attitude!"
"I've always thought HyunJin had a good, strong mindset. It's not easy to find idols who speak their mind." 
"K-Pop idols who read? Yes please!"
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Kurapikaaa5,087 pts Wednesday, November 29, 2023 12
Wednesday, November 29, 2023

Watch all the incels get mega triggered and threaten to boycott them even tho they would have never bought their album anyway.

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BABYM0NSTER-826 pts Thursday, November 30, 2023 0
Thursday, November 30, 2023

This means that she knows how to use a camera, not that she can read. One of the most talentless useless ex-loona creatures.

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