Posted by Sophie-Ha Tuesday, November 28, 2023

"Is this their official debut?" K-netizens question YG Entertainment's efforts to promote their new girl group BABYMONSTER


Amidst heightened anticipation, YG Entertainment has unveiled its first girl group in six years since BLACKPINK. The lead-up to BABYMONSTER's debut was marked by fervent excitement among fans who closely followed the members' selection process. The much-anticipated moment arrived with the release of their debut single, "BATTER UP" on November 27.

While the international response was nothing short of explosive—with their debut single claiming the top spot on iTunes' charts in 21 countries—fans in South Korea are now eagerly awaiting additional promotional updates from the group.

Concerns have been raised by netizens, who have observed a notable absence of information regarding BABYMONSTER's first broadcast performance or debut showcase. The lack of such crucial details has left many wondering about YG Entertainment's promotional strategy for their newest girl group.

One fan brought to attention that YG Entertainment has not posted additional promotional content on social media and the group has not even created a Weverse account.

Furthermore, the fans have observed a notable absence of media outlet reports regarding potential music program performances or debut showcases that could serve as official announcements for the launch of BABYMONSTER by the group.

Web search results for "BABYMONSTER Showcase" yield zero information except for the release of 'BATTER UP.'
Web search results for 'BABYMONSTER Inkigayo' yield an article on BABYMONSTER's live cover video.
 Web search results for "BABYMONSTER performance" yield an article on BLACKPINK's debut performance.

The only content released by YG Entertainment was the group's music video and YouTube shorts, along with an announcement about 'BATTERUP' being added to Spotify's 'Girl Krush' playlist.

This notice of the lack of promotions for BABYMONSTER has prompted Korean netizens to gather in the online community to question whether the release of 'BATTER UP' was the girl group's official debut.

Korean netizens commented, "Did they just release the track because they couldn't wait anymore? It's sad that the members aren't even active after debuting," "I wonder if they'll do promotions after Ahyeon returns," "When did they release a new song? I didn't even know," "I guess YG is depending on the reaction overseas," "I wish they would at least open a Weverse account for the group," "Did they really debut?" "Compared to BLACKPINK, their promotion content is scarce," "Were they supposed to debut next year but they were rushed to release a song this year?" "I didn't even know they debuted," "What's going on YG?" "Are they going to this mysterious concept?" "Why did they create a reality show before they debuted?"  and "This is the worst debut. Even the debut timing was done at the year-end awards."

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hotmamajama2,068 pts Tuesday, November 28, 2023 1
Tuesday, November 28, 2023

It's not like they have a stellar record of promoting their artists...

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Lejan3,390 pts Tuesday, November 28, 2023 3
Tuesday, November 28, 2023

Less than 72 hours and they're already in the dungeon. That's fast, even for YG.

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