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G-Dragon tests negative for drugs in hair and fingernails, police respond to criticism amid ongoing investigation


It was previously reported that G-Dragon, the subject of a drug use investigation, has tested negative for drugs in his hair and was awaiting results from his fingernails. It has now been reported that his fingernails also tested negative. The police, criticized for their handling of the case, responded by blaming the media.

The National Institute of Forensic Science recently informed the Incheon Police Agency's drug crime investigation unit that a detailed analysis of G-Dragon's fingernails showed no drug presence. A police official stated that they had been waiting for these results but couldn't disclose them.

The investigation began with a simple reagent test and the collection of hair and nail samples for analysis by the National Forensic Service, all of which returned negative results.

The police faced criticism for relying solely on the statement of Ms. A, an entertainment establishment employee with a history of criminal convictions. Ms. A claimed to have found suspicious wrapping paper in a restroom used by G-Dragon, but the artist has questioned her credibility and motives. 

Despite negative test results, the police defended their investigation, asserting that the absence of drug traces didn't make it unreasonable. The case's future hinges on how the police plan to substantiate their charges.

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Yuumiooooooo35593 pts 11 days ago 2
11 days ago

The Urine Negative

The Hair Negative

The Nails Negative

🤷‍♀️Literally they have nothing on him

The court even rejected the case,That’s says a lot .

They shouldn’t have leaked unconfirmed information.

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TheSquid11,948 pts 11 days ago 0
11 days ago

OK! The result we all expected. So how much compensation are they going to pay him for loss of income their singularly inept 'investigation' has caused him? Lee Sun kyun should also get an apology and compensation for reputational damage too.


Are they going to investigate who leaked the information to the media and take action over that? Someone should lose their job over this, you can't treat people this badly just on the say-so of a third party with no proof whatever.

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