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Jaejoong & CRAVITY's Hyeongjun bond over stories growing up with older sisters


On this week's installment of Kim Jaejoong's YouTube series 'Jaefriends', the singer hosted the youngest guests to ever appear on his show - CRAVITY members Jungmo, Minhee, and Hyeongjun!

On this day, Jaejoong whipped up delicious kalguksu for his young hoobae guests, and got to know each of the members. One rule that the CRAVITY members had to keep while on the show was that they had to speaking informally (use 'ban-mal') when addressing Jaejoong, despite Jaejoong's overwhelming seniority. 

While bonding over various conversation topics such as MBTI personality types, trendy slang terms used by teens these days, and more, Jaejoong pointed out, "Oh, Hyeongjun has 2 older sisters. I think that's why I feel like he and I are similar." 

Jaejoong then turned to Hyeongjun and explained, "I have 8 older sisters." Hearing this, Hyeongjun replied, "How did you survive?"

Jaejoong then went on to share stories from his childhood, growing up as the maknae in a home full of noonas. "You know, when you grow up with noonas, you tend to want to try your noona's things. I used to try on noona's makeup." He turned to Hyeongjun and asked, "Did you ever try your noona's makeup?"

Hyeongjun smiled and answered immediately, "Of course." A staff member then asked, puzzled, "Why did you try on makeup?". Jaejoong explained, "Because when noona is at home, her face does not look like that. But right before going out, something happens and she looks completely different." 

Hyeongjun couldn't agree more, and added on, "She will disappear into the bathroom, and come out a different person." 

However, Hyeongjun also pointed out, "People like us who grew up with older sisters tend to be quick-witted." This time, it was Jaejoong who couldn't agree more, as he stood up and said, "That is absolutely true. Growing up, we are always trying not to stand out, trying to read the atmosphere. But once you become a member of society as an adult, that quick-wit helps you." 

Heongjun commented, "That is the only thing that I am grateful to my noonas for." 

But for Minhee, who grew up with one older brother and one older sister, "I did not lose out [like Hyeongjun]. I was tough, and I fought back. So I did get beat up a lot." 

Minhee then noted, "But I don't think I've gained life skills from my siblings." Hearing this, Jaejoong observed, "No, I don't think that's true. Because you grew up getting beaten by your older brother, you know how to take a hit." 

Minhee was pleasantly surprised to hear this, and commented, "I think that's true. I do know how to tough things out." 

Jungmo, on the other hand, couldn't relate to the heated sibling talk, being an only child!

You can watch the full episode of this week's 'Jaefriends' with guests CRAVITY, below!

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Saturday, September 30, 2023

I can relate to a lot of this lmao

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Saturday, September 30, 2023

JaeJoong, HyeongJun, MinHee: * talks about their siblings *

JungMo: "You guys have siblings?!"

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