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Netizens surprised by TXT's skills at the assembly line of their album manufacturing factory


Netizens are talking about TXT members working at their album manufacturing factory.

On an online community forum, a netizen shared a post titled, "idols that display suspiciously good skills working at an industrial factory." The post featured footage from TXT's recent content in which the members went to their manufacturing factory to learn how albums are physically made.

At the company, some of the TXT members showed some great skills while learning how to insert photo cards and flip albums at the assembly line. 

The first task of flipping albums one by one was perfected by the member Taehyun.

The second task of inserting photo cards was completed professionally by Yeonjun.

Although all the members worked on every task, some weren't perfect and almost made an adorable mistake by placing incomplete albums on the conveyer belt.

The GIFs displaying the TXT members as workers attracted netizen response such as:

"LOLOL the guy putting in the photo cards is so good that it makes me laugh"
"Can someone tell me the name of the person flipping the albums lol"
"Whoa, the one who is flipping the albums is so good-looking but also hardworking lol"
"It's actually very hard to flip albums using both hands at the same time haha"
"The person who is inserting the photo cards -- his hands are quicker than his eyes following the empty albums lol"
"Are they professionally hired there? lol"

"Haha this is cute"
"Yeonjun is daeback lol"
"Why are they so good lol"

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AnonymousInsider1,149 pts Tuesday, January 31, 2023 1
Tuesday, January 31, 2023

Honestly, I feel like every idol should have to do this. Yes, their job is incredibly stressful, but this gives them the look at the hard work others have to put in, be paid FAR less, to make them successful in any way. It's humbling.

Obviously some idols won't be strangers to this hard work, and while assembly line work is simple most the time, these people are doing this every day for years of their lives.

Better yet, make the suits at the companies do this. Both idols and suits, together, as co workers on the bottom. That way companies like YG get their head out of their asses and release music and stop twiddling their thumbs up their asses with brand deals and modeling careers.

Let the idols be idols. Keep the jobs open.

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SeoulSucker1,511 pts Tuesday, January 31, 2023 0
Tuesday, January 31, 2023

Impressive! 이런 모습 너무 좋아요! 🥰 It shows how much they care about their fans and music. 한장두장 정성껏 만들진 앨범 감사합니다. 🙏💿

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