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#Jin ranks as the highest Korean celebrity (#4) on the list of '11 Asian icons that shaped 2022'

This year, Jin was a constant headliner in the media. He was always in the Top 2 - Top 5 of the 'Most mentioned celebrities' list by NetBase Quid, ranked #10 in the most searched topics in South Korea, became a million-seller, set the highest debut for a K-pop solo song on Hot100, became the most successful K-pop soloist in Japan, was the VIP guest at the Coldplay concert in Argentina, won a physical trophy at The Fact Music Awards, ranked #3 among CF Kings, became a hot topic at two VIP movie premieres, topped the Brand Ranking for the second time, appeared on multiple variety shows, collaborated with MapleStory and Jin Ramen (now both companies are predicted to join the 'trillion won club') and then his enlistment became a hot topic for all of the global media outlets (Washington Post, The New York Times, CNN, BBC and etc.). His song 'The Astronaut' became a huge hit and was highly appreciated by critics. Jin is the highest Korean soloist on the 'Best songs of 2022' list by Rolling Stone magazine, #14 in the 'Best K-pop songs of 2022' ranking by Billboard, and the best K-pop song of the year in Teen Vogue.

Summing up the year, South China Morning Post has published the list of '11 Asian icons that shaped 2022'. The list includes: 

1. Michelle Yeoh

2. Ke Huy Quan

3. Eileen Gu

4. Jin

5. Blackpink

6. HoYeon Jung

7. Will Sharpe

8. Park Seo-Joon

9. Simu Liu

10. Japan's WC team

11. South Korea's WC team

As you can see, Jin ranked #4, being the highest Korean celebrity on the list. 

All major Korean media outlets reported about it, saying they are proud to have Jin as the highest Korean celebrity on the list of people who shaped 2022.

'The BTS Army shared a collective cry of anguish this month when news broke that group member Jin had begun his 18-month mandatory military service in South Korea. As if we needed any more reason to love this iconic boy band, we can’t help but admire 30-year-old Jin’s courage and sense of duty, especially considering the group’s atmospheric level of international fame.'

They complimented the artist for his courage and sense of duty in this matter. Previously, Jin got lots of support in South Korea after doing an unexpected move by canceling the postponement, which was given to the entire group by the government back in 2020 due to each of them owning a cultural merit. The South Korean government was still discussing the possibility of BTS getting an exemption when Jin's enlistment was announced. As stated in the company's notice, Jin had been wanting to get it done long ago, and the decision was made by the artist himself. In the end, his decision prevented the government from using BTS' popularity in their own interests. No party won in the end. Meanwhile, Jin became free from being a part of the government's plans regarding the group.

"While politicians are shuffling their feet… BTS “Jin Will Be The First To Enlist”  The Decision Is Made" - Yonhap News TV.

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KZD06Loki1,100 pts Thursday, December 29, 2022 0
Thursday, December 29, 2022

Kim Seokjin as bts member and as soloist is one of the most influential people around the world and not just on the entertainment field. It's amazing how he slowly constructed his proper legacy.

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Myrna-Gabrillo2,716 pts Thursday, December 29, 2022 0
Thursday, December 29, 2022

He deserved all the success 💯👍 Congratulations Jin 💜🫰

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