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Posted by optimusnins Monday, November 28, 2022

'Star Wars? Harry Potter?' K-Pop Concepts That Are Pop-Culture Themed


The fun thing about K-Pop is that it's always so exciting to see all the fun concepts they do. It's even more exciting when their concepts are pop-culture-themed, as it has a sense of familiarity, and fans just get excited to see how well they carry out the references. Certainly, there are many K-Pop acts who have done such concepts, but here are some of them! 

EXO - Lightsaber

As part of a special Star Wars collaboration project, it is no doubt that the entire song and music video was going to have the legendary saga written all over it. The track itself is very fun, and the music video has been officially approved by the source of inspiration.

(G)I-DLE - Nxde

Not only is this song super catchy and fun to listen to, but it also holds a deeply critical view of the modern music industry, all while also paying homage to Marilyn Monroe. They chose the iconic blonde beauty to perfectly convey the message of their song.

- Run Away

As part of their magical trope, TXT named this magical and fun song, referencing Harry Potter. The English title is simply "Run Away," but the translation of their Korean title is "Waiting for you on platform 9 and 3/4," which is a very famous reference to where Harry boards his train to Hogwarts.

Xdinary Heroes - Overload

In order to fit the concept of their main title track, "Hair Cut," from their latest release, "Overload," JYP's rockstars referenced the famous 1990 film Edward Scissorhands for their album concept. Known for their punk rock concept, they totally rocked the look. 


Known for their quirky and unique concept, NMIXX took their listeners on a trip down the rabbit hole with an Alice In A Wonderland concept for their DICE music video. The girls were seen playing poker and chess in Wonderland with Cheshire Cat, in a very whimsical music video.


This entire music video is a reference to multiple throwbacks, but if you're too young to know any of the references, you simply cannot miss the reference shown in the opening of the music video. A super cute remake of the famous and well-loved 1994 American sitcom Friends

Taeyeon – What Do I Call You

This breakup song recreates some of the main scenes from the well-known film “Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind.” Not only does the song goes very well with the concept, but the similarity of the music video to the film is uncanny.

SHINee – Married To The Music

If the font isn't telling enough, the quintet referenced the “Rocky Horror Picture Show” musical. They also had the eerie costume party vibe while singing and dancing to the super fun song, "Married To The Music." 


This homey and cute music video opened by showing a house similar to the 2019 Oscar-winning picture “Parasite,” and a scene in the music video also referenced the movie when Song Mino was seen dressed like the housekeeper Moon Gwang, from the movie. 

BTS – Black Swan

Referencing the psychological horror of the same name, not only did they further incorporate it in their choreography but the entire music video as well. The enchanting mise en scène, the wardrobe, the wings that reference the swans, and many other symbols that remind us of the movie. 

GOT7 – Lullaby

This magical song and fun music video from their 2018 release referenced the famous wizard series, Harry Potter. Jinyoung flying off in his blue car is a direct reference to the series' second movie, "Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets.

Sunmi - Tail

From the infamously skintight latex catsuit to being surrounded by cats after being pushed out the window and nails whetted, ready to pounce, Sunmi mirrored the classic DC villainess Catwoman and did an extremely sexy job at it.

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