Posted by Dani-Dee Sunday, November 6, 2022

OMEGA X vow to continue chasing their dream together; make 'rogue' Instagram account apart from Spire Entertainment


The members of OMEGA X are opening up for the first time since the Spire Entertainment CEO mistreatment controversy.

On November 6 KST, the members opened an Instagram account separate from the official one run by their agency. The first post, which shows the members' hands joined together to create an encouraging mood, has a caption directly talking to fans, which reads as follows:

"We've created this small space of communication to convey the current situation through words of thanks to the fans who love us and to those who support us, and through our mouths as the parties involved in the incident.

Under the pressure of Spire Entertainment, the members signed a memorandum saying, 'If we upload SNS without consulting the company, we will take civil and criminal responsibility.' We wanted to resume communication with our fans as soon as possible until we settled our position on Spire Entertainment, but we ask for your understanding.

Since starting our group activities, we have had happy times, but we also had to go through painful times. And when what we were going through became known to the world this time, we were worried that what we've achieved so far would go up in smoke. But now we have put our fears behind us and decided to be brave together.

Our group was the second opportunity for the eleven members who gathered through a time of setbacks to not give up on their dreams. The only driving force that allowed us to challenge our dreams without giving up was our fans who waited, trusted, and supported us. Thanks to our fans, we were able to last two years. There were days when we were treated unfairly by the agency to the point where we wanted to cry, but remembering the cheers from the fans, watching the cheering messages, and sleeping were the only strengths that kept us going.

From now on, we will continue to chase toward our dream to the end just as we always have. We will stand in front of our fans again with good music and performances. The eleven members with the same goal and the fans with the same dreams as ours are the most precious things in our world that we don't want to lose again.

Many people have been worried and waiting, and we apologize for the delay.
 Thank you for reading to the end the sincere words we have said with courage."

As previously reported, OMEGA X drew attention at the end of last month when witness accounts and related audio/video footage of some members being assaulted and verbally abused by the agency CEO during their tour in the United States were released online. After the controversy, the members were then left in the United States without any support from the company, eventually returning to Korea through tickets purchased with their own money.

OMEGA X's first Instagram post can be seen below.

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yoongithesnowman5,937 pts Sunday, November 6, 2022 4
Sunday, November 6, 2022

Their dedication to fans, each other and music is admirable. I really really hope these young men succeed! And that they are treated well as they deserve!

Am I reading it correctly and they could be in trouble for creating the Instagram account? How would they be in legal trouble for using social media??

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bribri8121,627 pts Sunday, November 6, 2022 0
Sunday, November 6, 2022

I feel so sad for Omega X, I wish all the best for them. This is like what happened with idols under TS Entertainment. I hope all idols under situations like this can break away from their horrible companies, but I know it’s not easy at all.

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