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ATEEZ's choreographer responds to the Vata choreography plagiarism controversy


Just a few hours ago, a debate was sparked over a choreography seen involving the popular 'New Thing' challenge.

On October 10, a netizen uploaded a post containing a fancam of ATEEZ's Wooyoung dancing a part of their song "Say My Name" during a dance break in "The Real." The move was preceded by Wooyoung making a 'copy' gesture used by street dancers to signal that the following move was originally created by another dancer.

This debate began when fans noticed a similarity between the dance moves done by Vata to Zico's latest song, "New Thing." ATEEZ fans claimed that Wooyoung had made the 'copy' gesture to call out that the opponent's moves weren't original and that he was indirectly conveying a message that the moves from "New Thing" were originally from ATEEZ's "Say My Name."

With the ongoing debate, ATEEZ's choreographer, Anze Skrube, who created the move, responded through his social media. He shared various fan posts that pointed out the original choreographer and even tagged Vata and ATEEZ in their respective Instagram stories.

Anze Skrube even clarified through the comments that he and two other dancers, Josh Smith and Johnny Erasme, created that move together.

K-netizens commented, "Woah, even the original choreographer stepped up," "People were saying that dance move was common, but the original choreographer spoke up," "The original choreographer must have been so frustrated, he spoke up" "Nice, he proved that ATEEZ's 'Say My Name' was the original," "People were shielding We Dem Boyz so much," "The original choreographer did a good job by cheering and supporting both sides in the end," "People who shielded Vata are clowns now that the original choreographer stepped up," and "Lol, this is awesome."

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xx-jenn-xx Allkill VIP 14,832 pts Monday, October 10, 2022 0
Monday, October 10, 2022

The dance move is an iconic memorable move and one of the killing points in Say My Name. Ateez has a strong team behind them from producing to choreographers. NO one whos an ATINY said ATEEZ created the move. Some of you are reading wrong. Everything that has been created FOR Ateez is unique and individual to them.

I am glad the original choroegraphers for that dance and move are speaking up to back Ateez. As many have said Ateez has let so much go but some things just can't be let go. The anti's are always quick to shit on Ateez but i guarantee if this was a big 3/4 group ya'll would be in an uproar.

Just because Ateez comes from a small company doesn't give people the right to take from them. They have worked just as hard as others to make a name for themselves. Stop shitting on them for doing it.

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ilyria101_nuest757 pts Monday, October 10, 2022 0
Monday, October 10, 2022
To be honest, my mind immediately when to Ateez's killing point in Say My Name when I saw the dance used for New Thing
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