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Multiracial in K-pop: Mixed-White female idols

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Non-Koreans are not new in the K-Pop industry. But in the last couple of years, we have seen an expansion of K-Pop idols who are mixed-white. See the list below for a few of these female K-Pop idols. 

1. LEIA from girl group BLACKSWAN - (Brazilian) White/Japanese

2. Lily from girl group NMIXX - (Australian) White/Korean

3. Bahiyyih from girl group Kep1er. (Several European countries) White/Korean

4. Danielle from girl group NewJeans. (Australian) White/Korean

5. Jeon Somi. (Canadian-Dutch) White/Korean

6. Nancy from girl group Momoland. (American) White/Korean

7. Chanty from girl group Lapillus. (Argentinian) White/Filipino

8. Gabi from girl group BLACKSWAN. (Brazilian-German) White

9. Kyla, formerly of the girl group PRISTIN. (American) White/Korean

10. Shannon Williams. (British) White/Korean

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Alphonse-Gray1,281 pts Wednesday, September 14, 2022 5
Wednesday, September 14, 2022

I know this isn't really related but seeing Shannon Williams in this list makes me very sad. If you don't know about her story or who she is, it is totally because her company failed to utilize her potential, she could've been a pretty big star in Korea instead she is probably unknown to most current gen K-Pop fans.

Her company failed her so bad, she had the potential to be one of the biggest solo artists in K-Pop, her voice was insane, she was getting pretty popular in television back when she debuted in singing shows or whatnot, but they never gave her any activities or any freedom to do music, and essentially kept her in a perpetual contract lockdown without letting her even do her job and led her to instead develop food disorders as she tried to match the beauty standards of the industry and got mental anxiety and depression, so much so, that she started vaping as a way to cope with her stress (and still hasn't been able to quit) and control her bad diet while she was in K-Pop.

After her contract ended, she immediately quit K-Pop and is now a Twitch streamer who is famous for voicing the flagship character from the popular video game Valorant. In her streams, she has mentioned multiple times about how beyond horrible her experience in K-Pop was, that she faced many colorist remarks, her appetite was completely botched by having to go on extreme diets that she still hasn't been able to recover from, she was riddled with false dating rumors with a big K-Pop group & their fans bullied her online, and that she doesn't want to even sing her old songs or dive into music anytime soon because of how traumatizing it was for her, to the point she doesn't even want to associate with the industry anymore, even talk about it and has completely cut ties with it.

Anyways, that is the story of how K-Pop ruined the life of yet another talented person. I know we all love this industry and all, and as random as this entire essay has been, I'd like to end it by saying to respect and be nice to all the idols out there, mixed race or not, because more often that not, they see everything you write about them if it's out there online.

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loh2,312 pts Wednesday, September 14, 2022 24
Wednesday, September 14, 2022

Notice how white mixed with Asian is the only acceptable mix they will accept in kpop 🤔 (excluding Blackswan’s company)

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