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[INTERVIEW] BDC answers allkpop reader questions in an exclusive interview!


Consisting of members Sihun, Seongjun, and Junghwan, the boys recently returned with their track "Blue sky." We asked our very own allkpop readers what questions they'd like to personally ask BDC if given a chance. We then took your submissions and asked the members directly for an interview inspired by your questions. Check them out below!

- What is each member's favorite artist? Who is your role model? (yuxlvsbdc)

Sihoon) I like a lot of artists, but I especially want to become an artist like Justin Bieber...
Seongjun) I like BTOB. I want to be an artist who shows their talent in every way.
Junghwan) I would like to be an artist like ZICO or Seungyoon Lee.

- What kind of concept would you like to try next comeback? (bdcbestboys)

Sihoon) I want to try a fresh new concept of music containing rock band sounds.
Seongjoon) I would like to try a Fresh concept as well. I was told that FINE wanted to see a Fresh concept, but I also want to have fun on stage...
Junghwan ) We have shown various concepts and genres so far, but next time we want to try a genre or concept that we have never shown before."

- What do you do when you are not busy with music? (bts-armylol)

Sihoon) I play soccer nowadays.
Sungjoon) I like to play games and watch movies. I also think of FINE a lot too.
Junghwan) I spend most of my time at home.

- What was it like to go through training, and how did you feel when you got selected to debut? (bts-armylol)

Sihoon) In the beginning, we debuted a project unit. I remember that I thought like, "Is this really happening to me?!" I was so excited.
Sungjoon) Come to think of it, I debuted at a late age, so I spent my trainee time working and practicing hard. When my debut was confirmed, I was worried if I could make it, and it felt unrealistic.
Junghwan) In my case, I debuted right after I entered this company, so I focused on practicing since I had to show a good performance on the stage.

- How long do you usually practice? (bts-armylol)

Sihoon ) I tend to be laser-focused when I practice, so my practice tends to be shorter.
Sungjoon) I have a personality that's like a perfectionist, so I practice for a long time until it meets my expectation.
Junghwan ) I’m the type of person who has to achieve my daily goal, so it varies day by day.

- If you could be someone other than yourself for just one day, who would you be, and what would you do? (sao5539)

Sihoon) Even though I think it would be a good opportunity, I wouldn't change anything because I love myself.
Sungjoon) I want to live like a superstar who is busy every day.
Junghwan) Sungjun is doing a musical right now, so I want to experience the musical stage as Sungjun.

- Who is the leader when the three of us practice singing together? (sao5539)

Sihoon) When we practice singing, Junghwan and Sungjoon tend to lead.
Sungjoon) All three of us have different advantages; we tend to help and guide each other
Junghwan) Seongjun and I lead the practice when the three of us practice singing together.

- JUNG HWAN, have you ever had a hard time making Masquerade? Did you get an idea right away? (sao5539)

Junghwan) It was kind of easy to decide the theme of the song. However, it was difficult to express it so that the audience could empathize with it since it was a song that contained a lot of my thoughts.

- If you had to show a BDC song to a non-fan, which song would you choose? Which song do you think shows BDC's color the best? (youniz)

Sihoon) I would choose the song "Fine" because it is a beautiful song, and I think it is a song that expresses the colors that BDC wants to show in the future.
Sungjoon) I would choose the song "Remember me." It's very meaningful since it's BDC's first song, and it's my favorite song.
Junghwan ) All albums and songs have various concepts, and I think it isn't easy to choose just one song because I think all of those concepts show BDC. I want to hear all the songs."

- BDC!! What was the most memorable album for you? (Marychelle)

Sihoon) I think it would be [BLUE SKY] album. This is the album that gave us new change because we challenged the ballads genre through this album.
Sungjoon) Our debut album [BOYS DA CAPO] seems to be very memorable. As it was our beginning, I remember a lot of trembling and excitement, and it seems to be more memorable because it was released at a time when I had many opportunities to meet "Fine" in person...
Junghwan ) I remember our first mini album [THE INTERSECTION: BELIEF]

- Would you like to try acting? If yes, what genre? And what kind? (movie, drama) (stellywithluv)

Sihoon) I am also very interested in acting, but first of all, I want to experience various works one by one.
Sungjoon) Actually, I was always interested in acting, but this time I took an excellent opportunity to participate in a musical, so I thought that I would like to try a variety of acting. In particular, I would like to challenge the student role before it is too late.
Junghwan) To be honest, I haven't really thought about challenging anything other than a singer yet, but if there is an opportunity, I would like to try the mystery genre in a drama or movie. 

- What’s the biggest struggle you face as an idol? (gyumi)

Sungjoon) There is nothing that comes to mind right now, but I think we can overcome the difficulties because FINE is always by our side

- How do you handle being homesick? (gyumi)

Sihoon) I don't feel homesick because I live close to home, but sometimes when I want to eat my mom's food, I go to her house.

- What kind of songs would you like to try in the future? (gyumi)

Junghwan) I want to try various genres, but I especially want to try rock, my personal favorite genre.

- Things that you like to do in your spare time? (gyumi)

Sungjoon) I want to go on a trip alone. It seems that many people try to live somewhere where it has a totally different lifestyle for one month. Living one month would be tough, but I would like to try at least one week.
- Masquerade? vs. Blue Sky? (gyumi)

Junghwan) Both songs are precious and meaningful, but I will choose "Masquerade" with a difference of 0.1%. It's a song that I personally participated in, so I feel a bit more attached to it.

- Anything you want to say to FINEs who are waiting for your comeback for almost ten months? (gyumi)

Sihoon) Thank you for waiting during the hiatus. We will show you a better shape of us so we can compensate for your precious time. Thank you always, and I love you.

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