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YouTuber Lee Jin Ho states that there are flaws to Ji Yeon Soo's claims about Eli's mother running away to America and stealing their rent deposit money


Former entertainment reporter and YouTuber Lee Jin Ho delivered new news regarding Eli and Ji Yeon Soo.

On May 19th, Lee Jin Ho said, "I've done a number of investigations into the contradictions in Ji Yeon Soo's words and actions on TV. I am going to talk about the incident in which Ji Yeon Soo claimed that Eli's mother took the jeonse or rent deposit money and fled to America bringing a lot of criticism to Eli's mother."

Note: Jeonse is a system in which renters in Korea pay a large sum of money (usually in the six figures USD or 50% to 80% value of the home) as a deposit to a landlord to live at the property instead of paying a monthly rent. The landlords then reinvest this money, and they will pay back the original deposit when the renters decide to move out.

The YouTuber continued to explain, "Ji Yeon Soo appeared as a guest on the SBS entertainment show 'Are you Eating Well?' in April 2021. During that time, Ji Yeon Soo explained that the couple's house was under Eli's name when they signed the lease to the apartment after getting married. She explained that Eli's mother would bother them, and Eli suddenly changed the name under the apartment to his mother's name because Eli's mother told Eli that she would not bother them if they changed the name. According to Ji Yeon Soo, Eli changed the name on the lease the same day his mother asked him to. Shortly thereafter Eli's mother took the rent deposit (jeonse) money and ran away to America. Therefore, Ji Yeon Soo had to struggle to pay the rent."

During the show, Ji Yeon Soo also talked about how Eli liked supercars, so she had to pay all their living expenses and was the sole financial support for the family. However, what was left from supporting the family was just lousy credit. On the show, Ji Yeon Soo claimed that she has to live with bad credit for another eight years and six months because of this.

Because of these claims that Ji Yeon Soo made on this day, many people believed that Ji Yeon Soo's credit became bad because Eli's mother took the rent deposit money and fled to America. This caused Eli's mother to receive immense criticism and slander.

Lee Jin Ho questioned this and wondered if a person's credit can become so bad because of this deposit incident. He said, "It was in December 2015 that Eli and Ji Yeon Soo announced their marriage. Eli announced that he had already gotten married in 2014 and was already living with Ji Yeon Soo. However, Eli's mother only found out about her son's marriage a few days after the announcement in December 2015. So the time she knew about Eli and Ji Yeon Soo's marriage would be around January 2016 or February 2016."

Here, Lee Jin Ho pointed out that Eli's mother only knew about her son's marriage for a few months when the incident of the rent deposit money occurred; therefore, it is odd that Ji Yeon Soo claimed that Eli's mother was bothering them for a long time.

Additionally, Lee Jin Ho also pointed out that Ji Yeon Soo and Eli were seen visiting Eli's family in America in 2017 through the show 'Mr. House Husband' and there was no mention of the rent deposit money, and everyone seemed to be on good terms. If it is according to what Ji Yeon Soo had claimed in the 2021 show, 2017 should be after Eli's mother allegedly took the rent deposit money. However, there didn't seem to be any issues between Eli's mother and Ji Yeon Soo when they reunited.

Additionally, Lee Jin Ho also released an interview he had with a real estate agent and explained that changing the name on the rental lease is uncommon and the process is complicated because a new contract must be written. In addition, the leaseholder must agree to the name change and must write up an edited contract that would state who can take the rent deposit money. Therefore, it would be impossible for Eli's mother just to simply take the rent deposit money because there can be complicated legal issues.

The YouTuber also drew attention to Eli's family living situation in America, which was revealed in the show in 2017. Lee Jin Ho explained, "In the show in 2017, it was shown that Eli's family is pretty well-off, so there is no reason for his mother to take the rent deposit money."

Lee Jin Ho concluded, "I don't know if it's right to just trust Ji Yeon Soo's words one-sidedly or if it was right for her to sell out her mother-in-law like that. Furthermore, there were a lot of Ji Yeon Soo's claims that were contradictory."

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iamamothermyself1,412 pts Thursday, May 19, 2022 0
Thursday, May 19, 2022

I dont know if this is good or bad after now they seem to get along on the show for the sake of their son but it seems another fight is coming to this couple after this revelation knowing the guy defended his mother from her accusation just last week claiming his mom is innocent

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Marybis-75 pts Thursday, May 19, 2022 0
Thursday, May 19, 2022

and is super funny how she said Eli's parents treated her like an ATM when she was so broke and wasn't even working lol

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