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Netizens and fans discuss various excerpts from Jessica's new book 'Bright'


Jessica's new book 'Bright,' a sequel to her debut novel 'Shine!', was finally published on May 10.

Jessica successfully released her first novel 'Shine' back in 2020 and garnered much attention as the story follows the female protagonist, Rachel, a Korean American teen who is a K-pop trainee waiting to make her debut.

Even before the book was released, it garnered much attention since it dealt with the K-pop industry, written by the idol who has been in the industry for many years. There are many aspects of the K-pop industry that is not candid to the public that was included in the fictional novel that had drawn much attention.

Jessica was able to successfully debut as a writer with her first novel landing on the New York Times' 'Best Sellers' list, with many fans enjoying the story.

After much success with the first book, the sequel book 'Bright' has been released amidst much attention from fans as well. As soon as the second book was released, fans took to social media to share many excerpts from Jessica's new book and comment their thoughts on it. Including 10-year contracts in the industry and more.

The particular reason many netizens and fans have gathered their attention to Jessica's latest book is that there was content that reflected what had happened to Jessica during a fan meeting a few years back. Additionally, many fans believe Jessica reflected what had happened to her and the Girls' Generation after she was removed from the group.

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Some people need to stop acting like the book is the gospel truth 🤣 Some elements will be true, but it is still a fictional book to provide entertainment

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People just instantly assumed Jessica's words as 100% truthful when the others never even had the chance to put their stories out there. When it was their faves people loved to cast doubt on bullying victims and sexual assault cases, much worse and more serious situations with victims that could be much more hurt and affected for life, but here? pfft lmao.

Everyone insisting and fighting teeth and bone to say Shine was all fiction last year because it painted them in a way too positive light and talked about sparkles and rainbows and romance and stuff and didn't make the situation so black and white, but now that Bright is "spilling the tea" it's all true.

Gotta love how no one ever wonders about the why's of this whole situation, if true at all. It's always black and white with these. Because there's always gotta be a villain, right? if Taeyeon isn't the evil mastermind it's Jessica the selfish bitch, it's always one way or the other, because people are never more complicated than a cartoon character, right.

We may never know the truth, truly, but i'd rather not draw conclusions from only one pov unless there's conclusive evidence of it, which there isn't. And most importantly, if it is ever proven who was truly in the "wrong" in this situation, i'm not gonna be an asshole about it. Jessica deserves some peace, the girls too. They all had their reasons, some might be more valid than others to many but to me they deserve respect either way.

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