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Eli and his ex-wife Ji Yeon Soo state they are not going to live together for the sake of getting back together


In the latest episode of 'We Got Divorced 2,' Eli and Ji Yeon Soo went through counseling to take their first step toward restoring their relationship.

In the 8th episode of TV CHOSUN's reality TV show 'We Got Divorced 2', which will be aired on the 27th, Eli's struggles to find a job to settle in Korea along with his efforts to improve his relationship with his ex-wife Ji Yeon Soo unfolds.

Above all, the two went to psychological counseling to resolve the conflict in their hearts and reconcile the relationship in the future. Eli and Ji Yeon Soo met Kim Byung Hoo, a psychiatrist, and confessed their feelings that they couldn't tell each other during one-on-one psychological counseling. Moreover, Ji Yeon Soo shared on this day, saying, "I can't trust that [Eli] can settle down in Korea."

Psychiatrist Kim Byung Hoo listened to Eli's and Ji Yeon Soo's thoughts and said, "Eli tries not to judge his parents so he is not able to recognize his wife's wounds." The psychiatrist added, "Ji Yeon Soo puts no effort to reconcile the relationship and only talks about how she's been hurt." Therefore, the viewers are focused to see if the two can restore their relationship.

Earlier last week, Eli went for a job interview and took a test to find out his aptitude for work at the plant distribution company he was introduced to by Ji Yeon Soo. Eli showed much skill in the work, from loading and unloading parcels to taking photos and translating. In particular, he showed high-level skills and received favorable reviews from the company's representative during the photo-taking test. The company representative praised Eli, saying that the photos he took can be uploaded on the company website right away.

After the interview, Eli and Ji Yeon Soo spent time together and talked deeply about their future plans. Eli expressed his will to settle in Korea, saying, “(Settling in Korea) is my first dream.

However, when Ji Yeon Soo asked if he would solve the housing problem when he comes to live in Korea, Eli said, “I thought about living together. But it is not that I want to live together for the sake of getting back together,” raising concerns about whether the two would reunite or not.

Meanwhile, TV Chosun's reality show 'We Got Divorced 2' airs every Friday at 10 PM.

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misteranon1,086 pts Thursday, May 26, 2022 2
Thursday, May 26, 2022

My comment is really idiotic:

Ji Yeon Soo's face looks like a mask...

I know she's what we call Gangnam Beauty but like... her face really looks like a mask

anyway, from the news before Eli is childish, no? That's why they separated.

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iamamothermyself1,413 pts Thursday, May 26, 2022 0
Thursday, May 26, 2022

With what they're doing right now.. I wont be surprised if their son grow up with some issues.. Just last week just seeing how he eat fast because he worried he can no longer see his father so he doesnt want to waste time and he wants to play more with him..then after a week after 3 of them visited the amusement park the son wail too much coz he's father is leaving.Hes worried he will go back to states again and he wont see him again. Just how much more trauma will they give to the child..They will leave together because theyre in a show but after the show ended ..what will happen?? Will they separate again?? Its always the child who suffer with this. I cant understand the mother too. Its understandable that she wants to be open to her son but hes just 6years old..Why already told him about your conflict with his grandma and so on..

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