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A Guide to the Best Episodes of '2 Days, 1 Night' Season 4 (2021-2022)


"2 Days 1 Night" is one of the legendary variety shows in Korea that has established its name and format through the years, first airing back in 2007 for its first season and continuing to air until today. The show continued to fulfill its motto, "real wild road variety," aiming to introduce Korea's sights and areas to the viewers. Originally meant to promote domestically, it also found an audience among international fans who liked the show.

The fourth season started on December 8, 2019, after the third season's abrupt end back on March 10, 2019. The show started anew with brand new members Yeon Jung Hoon, Moon Se Yoon, Kim Seon Ho, DinDin, Ravi, and the show's mainstay since the first season, Kim Jong Min.

After November 7, 2021, Episode 99 became Kim Seon Ho's last episode and final appearance as an official cast member, and the members continued the show with five members. On February 13, 2022, in Episode 112, Na In Woo finally joined the show officially as a cast member. On May 1, 2022, in Episode 123, Ravi bade goodbye temporarily ahead of his military enlistment, and the show began to continue with the remaining five members.

If you're considering rewatching or starting the variety show, here are some member-focused episodes (without guests) to watch from 2021 to 2022!

1. Taste of Winter Special (Episode 57,58,59)

The members get a taste of winter but not so easily! The episode takes a romantic and nostalgic start as the members reminisce and guess winter songs to win hoppang and the game that will divide them into two teams. 

Spoiler: The members get divided into Team Variety (Jong Min, Se Yoon, and DinDin) and Team Documentary (Jung Hoon, Seon Ho, Ravi), and they compete together to win winter snacks and dishes by dinner. The dinner game becomes heated as they fight for the precious snow crab everyone wants to taste before they go to sleep, starting off with Human Ice Curling, followed by other winter games.

In the end, the sleeping indoors-sleeping outdoors becomes the most relaxed yet most tense moment in the episode as they are given all the warmth only to be not allowed to sleep! Once they slip into dreamland for 5 seconds, they are now set to sleep outdoors. Seon Ho discovers a greater challenge as he almost sleeps after he was originally out and the breathtaking match between Ravi and Jong Min for the last spot indoors.

2. Time Traveling Special (Episode 63,64,65)

As the members greet the audience for a happy new year wearing a hanbok, the production team announces their theme as they time travel back to various destinations that represent an era in the past. They visit various historical sites and learn that they will play games the whole day for a grand banquet and win as many hourglasses as they can. They are divided into two teams through an O-X game, with the highest scores getting teamed up.

They also play games as stonemen and enjoy their time in the prehistoric era as the Team Less Inadequate and Team Inadequacy reunite and fight through eras of history. The members try to win their individual battles for the team's sake and for their meals and win even more. The time travelers finally come back to the recent, with a fate-deciding game on ddakji-flipping for an enticing dinner.

3. Taste of Nature Special: Wilderness Survival Training (Episode 65,66,67)

The members get a taste of the wilderness as they are sent off to a deserted island individually in intervals, with several members arriving there at a much earlier time than the others and are left to fend off for themselves.

At night, because of a series of promises, Se Yoon makes another absurd promise just to eat a portion of dinner. The staff also gives them a chance to finally leave the harsh conditions on the deserted island and be saved by their eldest, Jung Hoon. 

4. Eternal Youth Wild Ginseng Expedition Special (Episode 71,72,73)

The members pair off by going to areas with each other and decide the pairings with the first ones to sit on the pillow. The members get paired off as Team HoRavi (Seon Ho and Ravi), Team Married (Jung Hoon and Se Yoon), and Team Variety Dinosaurs (Jong Min and DinDin).

They test their dexterity and their different skills in finding clues that will lead them to the wild ginseng that everyone wants through various games. In the end, the clues do not become all that matters during the search as their variety wit gets tested to learn about the intention of the production team.

5. A Gentleman's Dignity Special (Episode 76&77)

The members welcome the concept of being gentlemen in various areas, playing a quiz to win a much more comfortable outfit than those of the others. They wear these outfits as they play the sports for gentlemen, archery, and for a chance to win a spot for the coveted lunch.

The members have a blast until they get exhausted with the three games ahead of them for dinner, a quiz game, a balancing game, and a game that will test how much they can sacrifice as gentlemen. They end the night with a life-changing and probably their hardest debate about DinDin and Jong Min.

6. Ramyeon Heaven Special (Episode 87&88)

It wasn't a secret among fans that all the members came to love ramen, especially Ravi, who only learned to love it right after experiencing it in the show. The members face probably the happiest day as the production team goes all out and gives them freedom in choosing whatever amount, whatever ramen and the ingredients will be put in their ramen.

However, they also need to face the consequences of their actions as three of the losing individuals in a big table tennis match will have to pay for everything they ate by labor. At night, they play against each other in a water-slapping game to win the most luxurious ramyeon they can eat in their whole life. 

7. Big Summer Song Party Special (Episode 89,90,91)

The members face an exciting opening as the episode gets started off with various summer K-pop hit songs in their generations, resulting in a heart-fluttering throwback. However, as DinDin sulks after the game, the game becomes a battle between the Team Old Boys and Team Young Boys. 

After a heated team battle to celebrate summer on the beach and a performance by Bookku Ddong, Se Yoon's alternate singer name who debuted with the song "Shy Ddong" written by Ravi, the members are now headed into a fiery pit of wit game. To win the dinner of many possibilities, they should be in the room with the least members, and overlapping numbers will lead to everyone being unable to eat dinner. They welcome the morning with a raffle to get various prizes worthy of memory and end with the snow crab stamp tour as the main prize for the first-place winner.

8. Cultural Heritage: The Heirs Special (Episode 91,92,93)

The members are now tasked to become the safeguards of Korea's cultural heritage as the members divide themselves into Team Documentary (Jung Hoon, Seon Ho, and Ravi) and Team Variety (Jong Min, Se Yoon, and DinDin) again.

They set out to learn about tightrope walking, Taekkyeon, namsadang nori, and ssireum while trying to win missions for their meals and the golden turtles for their dinner at the same time. The members find themselves enjoying learning more about their cultural treasures!

Finally, the members face each other head-on alongside various staff members in a traditional game of Gijisi tug of war. In the end, they play for the morning mission that will determine the people that will head out to Andong, promoting the mask dance in the tune of Baby Shark through a video.

9. 100th episode Special (Episode 99,100,101,102)

The second half of episode 99 reveals the preparation the members have made in order to ensure that they will have a memorable time in their 100th episode special in Jeju. The members, according to the part of the itinerary they have chosen, shall make the preparations necessary for their assigned tour.

The tour is nothing without a twist, where all their planned tours will be graded and evaluated by their own members according to their satisfaction. The tour is kickstarted by a historical and aesthetic introductory tour with Jong Min, followed by Se Yoon, who guides the members to a restaurant where they have lunch. They’re introduced to some of Jeju Island’s specialties that they’ve never tried before. After lunch, DinDin takes over to treat them to Jeju’s dessert, barley gaeyeok.

At night, Ravi takes over and guides the members to dinner prepared by a renowned chef. Unlike what they expected, they need to play a game to be able to enjoy the full-course dinner. Jung Hoon guides the members next, and he takes them on a boat trip to catch Jeju’s famous silver hairtail, much to the despise of the rest of the members. After the voting, the winners enjoy a luxurious breakfast on a yacht, while the losers hike up Mount Halla.

10. Romantic, Unplanned Trip Special (Episode 107,108,109)

The episode starts with a sneak peek at the past KBS Entertainment Awards that have given various prestigious accolades to the show, the production, and the members. Se Yoon, in particular, wins the KBS Grand Awards (Daesang), making 2D1N one of the shows with more than one entertainment Daesang awardee. The members head to Chuncheon for their first trip in 2022. Before departing, they hold a small auction of the unused items they brought and earn enough money for their trip. As it's an unplanned trip, the members need to decide what they'll do in Chuncheon.

The first trip of 2022, the Romantic, Unplanned Trip in Chuncheon continues. The members use up all of the money they earned from the auction on food and gas. When they're left with just a few cents, they take out a loan from Geulyi Money. They must play a game to earn the amount they want, but there's a fee to pay to play the game.

After a show-stopping performance from Ravi just after their dinner, they now face the game that will decide whether they can sleep comfortably in the cabin or sleep outside in the biting cold. Will they win the hard mission or fail the supposedly romantic episode?

11. Real Winter Training (Episode 112,113,114)

The real winter training starts in action without a doubt, but the members don't know that there's a new addition coming their way! However, the production team must indeed have a knack for casting unique cast members as Na In Woo, the new member, and the show's maknae, gets lost during his first episode only to climb a mountain 30 minutes away by car.

As they meet the new member, they are now faced with the winter training they should all undergo altogether. In Woo has to carry out his first-ever challenge on the show, and everyone is eager to see him succeed as their lunch depends on it. For dinner, they need to dig up the ground where the ingredients are buried and cook for themselves. The newbie finds everything fascinating and fun until he hears about the last challenge of the day.

After playing for their sleeping area (because no one can sleep indoors anyways) and sleeping through the freezing night, the members wake up for the morning mission. They must pack up everything and cross the river within 20 minutes to have a hot breakfast. After the mission, In Woo, DinDin, and Ravi go into the water as they promised in the last episode.

12. Geoje is warm and filling Special (Episode 114,115,116)

Their next trip is to Geoje Island, where they visit a botanic garden and play a drawing quiz to win lunch. After lunch, they play a mini-game, and the winning team gets to enjoy a nice dessert at a cafe, while the losing team has to ride a jet boat in the cold ocean. 

During dinner, the members head out to a sauna where they must memorize the lyrics of Cho Yong Pil's song, and the winning team gets to eat a feast of oyster dishes. The game almost becomes never-ending, with various gaps in their memories due to the long lyrics of the song. After dinner, they play a game of bingo to decide the team to sleep outdoors.

13. Generations Old and New Special (Episode 117,118,119)

This week, the members head to Namwon, a city famous for loach dishes. The theme of the trip is to lessen the generation gap between Team OB and Team YB, so each member of Team OB partners up with a member of Team YB. They're given 100 questions to ask to get to know each other better. Later, they play the Lunch Game to win loach soup.

Their trip alongside their partners continues as they find the shining chemistry between each pair. For the Dinner Game, they must disguise themselves and line up in front of a popular bakery, but with the need of having to do an eccentric mission that will surely catch the attention of other people queueing. If people don't recognize them until they buy bread, they get to have Namwon's delicacies for dinner. Later, they play a heated game of ping pong to decide who gets to eat the bread.

Ending the trip, the members play a game where the Old Boys members and Young Boys members can learn about each other's cultures. The two winning teams get to sleep indoors. The next morning, they answer questions about each other in order to win breakfast.

14. Wish Us Luck Special (Episode 122&123)

This week, the members travel to Seosan to enjoy spring with flowers in full bloom. Their mission is to secretly pass on a chain letter, and the member who holds on to it last will get a penalty. They also spend time chasing luck as they literally find scattered four-leaf clovers and take a lot of pictures as they knew what was coming for them.

The members play games against the production crew with pork belly and ramen at stake. They must beat the crew to be able to earn more servings for their dinner. Later, the member who has the chain letter is revealed, showcasing what was inside the chain letter, filling each of the members' eyes with tears. They end the episode not with a goodbye, but with a promise of a family that will wait for them to come back safely. 

15. Good Son & Bad Son Race Special (Episode 124&125)

As per the tradition of almost every season in 2 Days, 1 Night, the members raid the house of Na In Woo without his knowledge, leaving him shocked and defenseless as they enter his house freely. However, they did not expect to see an almost empty house and a lengthy bed that surely fits their tall maknae. They are now faced with the challenge of preparing him for work and shooting within the time set for a chance to win Iced Americanos. 

To celebrate Family Month, the members head to Gongju, a city of world heritage. They are divided into Team Good Sons and Team Bad Sons to prove how dutiful they are as a son. All the games and missions they must complete will test their filial duties, and the team that wins the race will win dinner. In the end, they meet a member's teacher who would deliver them their morning mission, that will dictate who will be able to leave work earlier than the rest.

Here's the second part of the list of episodes from Season 4, 2021-2022, that you can start watching if you're interested! But honestly, the stellar variety show never failed to make each episode special and remarkable, successfully reviving 2 Days, 1 Night's popularity. The show, now with a brand new color as the main production changes and with the addition of Na In Woo, hopefully, continues to reach new horizons. Which among these episodes are your favorite, and which 2021-2022 episode would you recommend to a new viewer?

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  2. Kim Seon Ho
  3. Kim Jong Min
  4. Na In Woo
  5. Ravi
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