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MAMAMOO's Hwa Sa says she will always be a rebel at heart


MAMAMOO's Hwa Sa made a guest appearance on the KBS2 travel program 'Stopping On The Road Once In A While', hitting the road with veteran singer Lee Sun Hee and TV personality Lee Keum Hee

On this day, Hwa Sa cutely shared, "I couldn't sleep because I was so nervous. I think I got about 5 minutes of sleep."

Veteran singer Lee Sun Hee took an interest in Hwa Sa and asked how she started music. Hwa Sa revealed, "Both my parents worked when I was growing up. The other parents always came to all of the school events, like field day and school festivals. I joined the performing group thinking that my parents might come if they knew I was performing. My mother did come see me from time to time, so that made me want to do it more. I started to like it too, so I got more and more into it."

Later on, the ladies delved deeper into Hwa Sa's music and career. The idol star reflected, "I am in my 8th year of my career. I believe that I have done the best that I can, so I have no shame about my career thus far. But, it still feels like I am incomplete. I am thirsty, I want to become an even better musician." 

Lee Sun Hee then praised Hwa Sa for the depth of her song "Maria". She commented, "When I first heard it, I didn't know what it was about. I thought that the lyrics were just the same kind of generic lyrics that kids these days sing about. But when I looked closer, I realized that young people in their twenties are expressing the pain in their hearts in this manner, acting as if they're not hurting."

Hwa Sa then explained how she ended up writing the lyrics for "Maria", with, "People would just label me as a bad person because my makeup was too dark or I wore revealing clothes. They want to see me hurting, they want to see me being disgraced. So I thought, 'Here, I'll give you my pain'. I wrote about the struggles I dealt with, and the melody and the lyrics just came to me right away."

Hwa Sa also discussed what other songs she would like to make. "These days, I am thinking about the problems of society in my own ways. I am always a rebel at heart, my discontentment is constantly simmering inside me. I just want to be the way I am, but sometimes appearances become too important and I become swept up in things like that. I can't express it clearly, but I'm certain that there's is such a rebel inside me," she said with laughter.

Hearing this, Lee Sun Hee responded, "You have so much more you want to express. I hope that there will be more great female musicians like you. Someone with personality and character, whose music grows deeper with age and experience. I hope that you will keep going, without growing weary."

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Fol101 pts Thursday, March 10, 2022 0
Thursday, March 10, 2022

I’m really happy that more people are getting to see the sweet and kind hearted side to hwasa. She honestly deserves the world

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Nopenoel233 pts Thursday, March 10, 2022 0
Thursday, March 10, 2022

Hwasa is such an amazing idol and I'm so happy she has been able to be herself and share that person with us.

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