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J.Y. Park and Sunye take netizens back to 2007 by singing 'Farewell Under the Sun'


J.Y. Park and Sunye took netizens back to 2007 by singing 'Farewell Under the Sun' on 'Mama the Idol'. 

On January 14th, tvN's new variety series 'Mama the Idol' revealed a sneak preview of the upcoming 6th episode. This teaser took many netizens back to 2007 by showing J.Y. Park and Sunye singing 'Farewell Under the Sun' after 14 years. Sunye also showed her dancing to one of Sunmi's hits "Gashina".

Many netizens shared their thoughts and sentiments in the comments

"Idk why I'm tearing up after seeing Sunmi patting Sunye's back"

"I can't believe I'm watching the 'Farewell Under the Sun' again on stage."

"I've never even imagined Sunye dancing to Gashina on air"

"I love you Wonder Girls..."

"I got into K-pop when Wonder Girls was at their prime. This made me take a trip down memory lane."

"I'm already crying lol"

"They'll soon celebrate their 15th debut anniversary. I wish I could see them as OT6"

"I'm so happy I could see Sunye again"

"Farewell Under the Sunㅠㅠㅠㅠ I got goosebumps"

"I still have that song on my playlist omg"

Meanwhile, the 6th episode of 'Mama the Idol' will air on January 20 at 8:40 PM KST. Will you be tuning in to watch their performances? 

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