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IU & Shin Se Kyung's agency EDAM Entertainment to take legal action against malicious commenters with zero lenience


EDAM Entertainment announced that on behalf of their company artists IU and Shin Se Kyung, they will continue to pursue strict legal action against malicious commenters.

On January 21 KST, EDAM Entertainment released an official statement to announce their plans to take legal action against malicious commenters on behalf of singer IU and actress Shin Se Kyung. EDAM Entertainment wrote, "We have carefully reviewed the information from the company's monitoring, as well as from the reports submitted by fans, and have become fully aware of the severity of the malicious comments. Thus, we have filed numerous lawsuits through our law firm."  EDAM Entertainment then revealed that after they obtained the IP addresses of the anonymous accounts and other account nicknames, they sent them to the investigation agency.

EDAM Entertainment continued, "In addition to writing malicious comments, the perpetrators who made insulting comments and slander posts that hurt the image [of the artists] tried to avoid leaving evidence by deleting their posts and records. However, we are also collecting evidence from private cafes, community sites, social media, and more through real-time monitoring, and proceeding with our lawsuit."

The agency emphasized that they will be showing no leniency. EDAM Entertainment wrote, "We will take strict measures to track down the perpetrators of the malicious posts until the end. Once again, we make it clear that there will be no leniency shown nor any compromises made. Further, during the process of the lawsuit, we will inform you on the results as soon as they are available."

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tanzxrin886 pts Friday, January 21, 2022 1
Friday, January 21, 2022

every single time there is news on allkpop about companies taking legal action against malicious commenters, there's always comments about how they are horrible for restricting the freedom of speech. however people should keep in mind that companies, especially established ones like iu's, have their own legal team that very obviously know which comments to take further action for. no one is going to get sued from saying an idol sucks (which is an opinion) like people are trying to frame this as. i 100% think that this is a great way for companies to protect their artists and should be encouraged.

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seafiant6,552 pts Friday, January 21, 2022 0
Friday, January 21, 2022

At some point I'd love for these "they are taking legal action" stories to report what they are suing about.

Just some context more than forum posts like the topic of the posts (deepfakes, trash talk)

Because 99% of the time we have zero knowledge about what the story is they are replying to.

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