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BTS' RM concerns fans with recent long letter


BTS' RM concerned fans with a recent letter.

RM left a letter for fans on Weverse in the early hours on November 4, and some ARMY are wondering how the BTS member is feeling. He wrote as follows:

"I hope you're all well.
It's becoming more and more difficult to write long letters, but I feel as if I'll completely forget how to write them if I don't so I decided to write one. 

Though I don't know how to tell you the random thoughts that have been in my head, the fact that I want everyone who loves us to be as peaceful as possible hasn't changed.

I've been searching for peace and stability for so long, but I can't erase the idea that people, or maybe even I, always want a kind of drama. I think it's a strange disease that makes me anxious when things stabilize a little.

A lot of time has passed since I came to Seoul at 17, but when I look back, I often feel strange that nothing has changed. In the end, I'm only 28 years old, and I think it'll take countless years to be as firm as I hope.

To be honest, I started writing in a diary again, but I didn't want to pick up a pen today so I'm writing here instead. I don't know why my writing is always the same just like they were on the fan cafes. I really miss you, and I think about you now and then.

Winter came so suddenly and scared me, but it's a good season to walk. Let's meet again when the wind gets warmer soon. As always, I'll be working on music, and my mind and body will be waiting every day. I miss you!"

What are your thoughts on RM's letter?


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Poppiex81,274 pts 26 days ago 3
26 days ago

His letter is melancholic, i think a lot of people feel a bit like this as we move to autumn and winter. like "oh it's this time again already?", a lot of people start reflecting on the year that has already passed so quickly. i hope he feels alright and takes good care both his physical and mental health. i hope writing music is healing to him.


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beatrizl2,205 pts 26 days ago 1
26 days ago

Autumn, past reflexions, one of them is about to leave for a while which brings new adjustments, paths ahead, new choices, covid and its damn confinement and isolation that kept them apart from a direct intercomunication with the people that support them the most... it messes with anyone's head and heart.

I just wish him the best and that they may keep fighting there.


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