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Netizens debate whether idols should focus more on group promotions or expand on individual activities


Netizens are debating whether idols should focus more on group promotions or expand on individual activities.

On an online community forum, a netizen shared that this debate creates an ongoing divide among fandoms of the same group. Using a set of Kakao Friends emojis, the uploader asked netizens to give preferences between two options:

1. "Not too crazy about individual activities...group promotions are more important."

2. "Group promotions are group promotions, and it's important for them to work on individual activities."

The writer also elaborated that supporters of option #1 prefer how team promotions generate fun content and argue that once when members get into their individual promotions, the hiatus between group promotions start slowing down.

In the case of option #2, supporters apparently argue that it is important for the companies to work on individual promotions as well as the group ones, considering their future. These supporters contend that members with relatively less lines or parts during group promotions get to shine among fans with their own personalized content.

Some comments include:

"My heart goes to #1, but I understand #2, considering their overall future"

"I choose #2. Groups with individual members that have their own steady promotions tend to last longer. Companies need to start thinking of these things well before the boys leave for their military service, in the case of male groups."

"I used to be the supporter of #1 back in the days, but nowadays, the reality is #2..."

"Being a fan while getting just #2 content is no fun"

"There's no charm joining a real group fandom if it's just #2"

"#1111111111 please. I'm not interested in independent promotions, because I am obviously a fan of the entire group."

"If it's a popular group, then I go for #1. But if the group still isn't popular after 5 years, then #2..."

"Watching group content is way more fun. #1."

"#2, but you eventually grow out of it quicker than being a fan of the group..."

"I choose #2 because I usually like individual members rather than the group. I was just born this way."

"If there's at least one member I dislike in the group, I'm always in support of #2."

"#1....isn't the whole point of being a fan of the group or the member(s) in the group to see team interactions?"

What are your thoughts on this debate? Which scenario would you support?

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Lunelvr2,555 pts 25 days ago 0
25 days ago

In my opinion there should always be a balance but in first 4-5 years group activities should be prioritized so the conflict of members' popularity difference will be less but a company should also know how to give them solo activities otherwise they will 1- leave the group right away 2- flop as a solo especially if they weren't the popular member

for me personally it's #1 cuz i enjoy watching their friendship and chemistry? Idek it just makes me happy I guess but in individual I would get bored after awhile especially if it's not my bias or loved members



Whatsmyname17322 pts 25 days ago 0
25 days ago

Easy, there must be a balance.

Group activities must be prioritized in 4-5 first yrs, if the group hasn't hit popularity yet, never will.

Besides, in the case of male groups it's imperative for them to have solo activities, after all when they leave for military service they won't be able to promote as a group so preparing the fandom with individual activities is the smartest choice

And regardless of bg or gg, the group doesn't last forever, I know there are groups like TVXQ with 18 yrs under their belt but it's not like SM gives them cb every yr, in this case, solo activities for them is the best.



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